The Never Ending Trip

Everyone says a 12 hour flight is pretty brutal when flying. I don’t think anyone will ever understand what brutal really is until you fly with AMC a.k.a Air Mobility Command. Air Mobility Command is owned by the military and only military members and their immediate family can fly through them. It’s almost exclusive but not really because exclusive sounds enjoyable and believe me this was not. Now that I’ve explained what AMC is let’s go back to the story.

Upon arrival to San Diego airport we flew through Alaska Airlines to Seattle Tacoma. It was a very short 2.5 hour flight. Not bad at all.


We arrived in Seattle, and to find out that we were not leaving until 6:30am the next morning. We were lucky enough to be able to enjoy the perks that come with the military, the USO (they’re seriously super amazing). They had leather couches, food, beds and the best part COFFEE. FAST FORWARD to the morning, we were ready to go only to find out, yep you guessed it, flight was delayed until 8:30am. Slowly but surely my husband and I were dying, but we made up the delay with breakfast and mimosas. 8:30 came and we boarded our flight.


I thought the 9 hour flight was going to be easy, it was not. The flight provided us with food though, we were pretty happy about that. We arrived in Yokota, Japan and found out we had 2 more stops before arriving to our destination. These stops were for the people being stationed there. Aside from seeing the beautiful islands from the window seat and the Asahi Beer company right in front of the Yokota air base; there was nothing to be excited about.

The lay over was 3.5 hours, we had officially been flying and stuck in terminals since 5pm the day before and it was 12 pm (the next day) in Japan. To better understand our struggles, 19 hours have passed. It seriously felt like the worst, but we still had 2 more stops left.IMG_2019.jpg

3.5 hours later, we were back on the plane ready for take off; next stop Iwakuni. We were relieved to hear the pilot announce that the flight was only 1.5 hours. We passed out and napped the entire way there. We arrived at Iwakuni and were only supposed to be there for 1.5 hours, but of course we were lied to yet again since someone couldn’t find their bag. 1.5 hours unfortunately turned into 2.5  painful hours. Japan is slowly becoming a nightmare.

Here we go again! Next stop, KADENA!

Thank goodness the flight to Kadena was only 2.5 hours and we got to eat Dinner on the plane. We finally arrived at Kadena and stepped off the plane for the last time. They drove us to pick our bags up and we thought that our Sponsor was waiting for us to take us to our hotel room. Except the sponsor was nowhere to be found. BUT we found one of my husband’s previous coworkers and he offered us a ride. We arrived to the hotel, checked in, took showers and passed out within seconds.

As I sit here writing about this I cringe at the thought of EVER having to do that again. It seriously felt like a never-ending trip going nowhere. But the good news is that we so far love it here! Being that this is our first post we hope that you guys go through the whole story and read the rest that are coming. Trust me they get a lot more interesting. We can’t wait to share these adventures with you all!

-J. Teg

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