Let’s Eat!

Since arriving to Japan we have done a lot of food exploring because we LOVE food. Our first stop on our first day on the island was a Ramen place called Tenkaippin and let me tell you this place was DELICIOUS! My husbands friend warned us about how we were going to lose our mind because it was so good and boy was he right. I had never had ramen like this, the closest was the ones you buy in packets but lets be real that does not come close to real ramen.Tenkaippen had different broth options. We had to choose between thicker broth to the more traditional watery broth ramen. I stuck with the more traditional version because as much as I like to try new food I kind of freak out trying something with thick broth. I did try my husbands though and he got the thick broth version and it was pretty good but I still would not order a whole bowl for myself. The rice was a lot sticker than your usual sticky rice but it was so good! They really did not have much to add to the ramen; my husband and I love to add sriricha to everything but they did not have any.

FullSizeRender_FotorAside from not having sriricha to add, the ramen was real good and honestly it did not need it. Also, the menus were really neat because they were both in Japanese and English, so you won’t sit there confused trying to figure out what everything says. We spent about $20 here, which I mean c’mon it’s cheap especially for two bowls of ramen, two sides of rice and of course soft drinks.


Moving right along to our second stop on our fourth day on the Island. Our Sponsor decided it was time for us to try some real sushi. Danny and I were super excited because we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sushi back in the states. They had already told us that we were in for a treat. As we pulled up to the restaurant I realized that this place had a drive thru! I mean I had never seen a drive thru in a sushi place. Please excuse the vulgar language in the photo below, as you may have imagined I was losing my mind over this drive thru.


Anyway, just thinking about the drive thru distracts me, we went inside and got seated. My  husband I were still distracted by the fact that there was a drive thru that we don’t notice that this place is a sushi go round place. It was pretty cool. This place is ran by an iPad basically, you order everything through there; the waiter is non existent. Also, the way to tell how much something is when picking it up from the conveyor belt is by the color of the plate. Red meant 100¥, blue 200¥, yellow 300¥, and green 400¥. ¥ means yen which is the Japanese currency.


I personally do not like wasabi but my husband loves it and he was ranting and raving on how much better it was here than in the states. He was losing his mind and used a packet of wasabi for each roll, it was pretty intense. The sushi here is much more fresh and a lot better, the rolls are different but there are some that are the same such as the California roll. We devoured our food because it was SO GOOD! Once we were done we just called the server over he counted the plates, tallied them up in his little pos system, printed the receipt and handed us the total. My husband and I were thinking we were going to spend a fortune come to our surprise for 22 rolls, a specialty dish, fries, ice cream and soft drinks our total was 2100¥ which was roughly $18, at the time since the yen rate and dollar rate fluctuate everyday. We were both surprised and excited because we usually spend $20-$40 on sushi depending on the spot in the states. You all must try the sushi out here.


 Last but not least our last stop this week was this place the served Yakiniku. If you’ve ever had Korean BBQ this would come close to it. It cost 2100¥ per adult and after that you just order whatever your heart desires. The way the place was styled was one side was tractional seating which is on the floor and the table would be right in front of you or the more restaurant style with booth seating. We chose the more traditional because when in Japan we want to be as traditional as we can. Moving on, we ate a lot of the meat and chicken and it was delicious. The seasoning was so good and the meat is thinner sliced here than your traditional Korean BBQ places but nevertheless it was so good. I don’t know how much we ordered honestly but it was a lot. This place was the same as the sushi place you order through a tablet but the waiter/waitress bring you the food and you cook it. It was definitely an experience and more of a place to socially interact.

Its been really fun trying these new places and we can’t wait to try more and write about it. Its been a fun week on the island so we are excited to go into our second week here and experience more and real dive into the culture. Can’t wait to share more with you all! Hope you enjoy the post!

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