Nakagusuku Castle

Oh man it’s been awhile since we’ve posted! Sorry everyone we’ve been busy training our new puppy, more on that on another post. Aside from the craziness from these past few days we got to do some exploring. We found a castle! It was right outside our gate too, who knew?

This place is called Nakagusuku, it’s a little hidden, Danny and I got lost on the way there.  It was a great little gem though and we would definitely go visit it again. A little background first before we go into the pictures! The castle was built during the Ryukyu Kingdom, centuries before Okinawa became a Japanese Prefecture in 1879. The castle is now just ruins but they are definitely well preserved. That’s pretty much all I have for history, once I find out more about all of it I will definitely be posting, I mean who doesn’t love history!?

When we finally got to the castle we paid our admission fee which was only ¥400 and were handed a map and went up a VERY steep hill, I learned right there and then that I was definitely out of shape. Moving on, we got there and cultural dance and music had just started. We were handed tea and a pastry and we sat down to watch the show. Everything was being said in Japanese and I wish I understood but the dancing and music were beautiful. Being Mexican I always love seeing cultural dances and this was definitely a treat for me.



I really wish I understood everything they were saying because it would’ve made the experience more interesting. But they did have us get up on the last dance and dance with them so that was definitely fun. Once they were done these characters came out and took pictures with the kids, of course I wanted to take a picture with them but I probably would’ve been the only adult doing it.


They were so cute!


After all the excitement, we moved towards the castle and started exploring. Join us through our pictures!









Trying to be cute… fail.



The views were phenomenal here, we understand why there was a castle there.




Google translate has been our best friend for things like this. Seriously, it translated the whole thing.




We were not allowed to get any closer to this building. We do not know what it is but we were intrigued by it.





There was this little mango ice cream shack at the very end and of course my husband had to get some. It was SO GOOD, tastes exactly like mango. Also, they have  a lot of Mango flavored everything here, it’s really great because we love mango.


These were not all the pictures we took but if you would like to view more on this beautiful castle just click on the link provided. We hope you enjoyed this post and if you all have any questions or comments on it, just leave us a comment! Thanks!

-J.D Teg

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