Home is Where the Heart is..

Adjusting to the Island has been fairly easy up until this week. I mean I’m sure everyone must think, “Oh my gosh, you live on an island you won’t miss your family,” or “You’ll be on vacation 24/7 it won’t be hard.” Well trust me it is hard especially since Danny has finally been going to work and I have been staying home alone, until like 5pm. Also, we only have one car so it’s not like I can drive to somewhere to distract myself. This is one of the main reasons we started this blog. I wanted something to keep me busy and also, make some friends along the way. Although, moving has taken a little time away from the blog, trust me receiving all of our stuff from the states has been hectic, but even then I can’t help but to miss California and my family.

I am very close to my family, my husband and I started living together when we got to the island since we got married 3 weeks before we came out here, I know crazy! I think that maybe one of the reasons why this could be hard because I haven’t really been more than an hour away from my family, let alone 6,000 miles away. Although Danny is my best friend, obviously, there are times when you just need a nice warm hug from your mother or to have a good beer with your dad. It’s hard not to have them around but at the same time I enjoy the adventures Danny and I have been having alone out here and the closeness being away has brought us.

On top of missing my wonderful family, I really do miss the food. I can’t just drive anywhere to get street tacos here or even authentic Mexican food. There are some ingredients that aren’t here on the island either and I can’t make signature Mexican Dishes, which sucks. There is no In-N-Out either! I’m sure once we start decorating our place it’ll start feeling like home. I really do know that being away will get easier with the following weeks to come but for now I can honestly say, I’m homesick… S.O.S someone send me tacos or In-N-Out, PLEASE!


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2 responses to “Home is Where the Heart is..

  1. How long have you been in Oki? It looks like you have been doing so much exploring!! I’m not sure if you saw the Oki blogger event coming up (to the beach!) but if you can make it would be a great way to meet some friendly new people! And if you need a ride just post on the event I am sure someone will be able to pick you up!

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    • We’ve only been here for 3 months going on 4. Yea, we’ve been trying to do something every weekend, enjoy it while we can! Yea I saw unfortunately I can’t make it because I will be leaving for a few months on Tuesday. I really wanted to go it sounds like so much fun! But I will definitely be joining the next one!

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