Nago River Trekking

My husband and I love to do outdoor activities. This week we decided that we should go on a hike, except this hike turned into river trekking. I have never been river trekking, I was a little nervous because I don’t know what kinda of sneaky creatures could be in there. Also, like I told Danny I’ve watched Monsters Inside Me and if you’ve seen that show you know that most of those cases come from fresh water and rivers and now I’m rambling. Needless to say I was freaking out at the thought of it but honestly it was not even bad, seriously I had so much fun and so did our puppy and friends. We decided to go to the Nago River.

When we were only minutes away the place was a little sketchy because there was no-one but within a mile we started seeing people (phew). We parked and headed to our adventure!

Excuse the blur on this picture. We are not sure why it came out like this.IMG_0220_Fotor.jpg


The water actually went up to my knees here and this was only the beginning. I’m only 5’1, so if you’re taller it won’t be the same.IMG_0226_Fotor.jpg

Our puppy had a little reservations towards the water just like I did in the beginning. As you can see in the picture below he was pulling away from the water. If you all were wondering if you could take your pets the answer is yes, as long as they can swim.IMG_0213_Fotor.jpg

By the way we know Indiana Jones;




This water was a little deeper towards the middle as you can see one of the boys is waist in deep. IMG_0233_Fotor.jpg

Jacks was loving the water at this point, he even started swimming! We were having a proud parent moment. IMG_1753_Fotor.jpg

We went a little farther but headed back after this, we did not want to be dying. Also, we wanted a little fuel to go towards the other way. IMG_1851_Fotor.jpg

As we were going the opposite direction we found a swing! It was intertwined between the branches of the tree, I have never seen anything like that. Of course the boys decided they wanted to go on it. Good news is, it didn’t break!IMG_1759_Fotor.jpg



Honestly, I had so much fun and forget all about my fears and so did our puppy Jacks! We were so happy that he liked the trip! It was a lot of fun and also very tiring since we were in the water a lot of the time.IMG_1876_Fotor.jpg

The River was only an hour away from us which we didn’t think was too bad. Definitely worth the trip. We definitely recommend taking hiking boots because we had so much sand in our shoes, it made it uncomfortable to walk at times. Also, they did not grab on to the rocks since some had algae, I kept slipping. There are a lot of banana spiders within the trees as well, staying close to the water is a must. I accidentally went into a spider web myself, totally freaked, ran around a little and realized there was no spiders. I saw my life flash before my eyes.

I do apologize if the pictures don’t look too pretty we only had our iPhones and Danny left me in charge of editing the pictures… He’s way better at it than I am. Also, we have some GoPro videos that we will be posting so you all could enjoy the trek through our eyes and see the place for yourselves! Hope you enjoy the post and don’t be shy to leave comments or share the post. Thanks for the support everyone!


-J.D Teg

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