Nirai Beach

We live on an amazing island and we’ve only been to the beach twice, TWICE! We decided this past weekend that we would go to the beach. It was definitely a lot of fun to go to the beach and just relax. It was only 30 minutes away, too (for this beach at least, woo). When we got there there was a hotel right in front of it, it looked pretty fancy.TEG_3318_Fotor.jpg


As soon as we got a view of the beach we were taken aback; the view was phenomenal. Anyways, I’m going to make this about the pictures and not so much writing. But look at this view! So beautiful!TEG_3324_Fotor.jpg

I take my instamini everywhere! You all should invest in one, the pictures come out really good. TEG_3338_Fotor.jpg


I mean seriously look at this beach!TEG_3346_Fotor.jpg


Just a word of advice wear water shoes because of the coral in the sand. It’s not that bad though the deeper into the water go.TEG_3350_Fotor.jpg




When we googled a picture of a nice beach in Okinawa the rock here was the picture that came up. I thought it was just a random picture but we found it at this beach! This was on the other side of the little pier thing. TEG_3397_Fotor


There was cute little crabs on the rocks. Danny didn’t take many pictures of them.TEG_3462_Fotor

And of course what’s an adventure without a selfie!? By the way this bathing suit is so cute; thanks forever 21.TEG_3524_Fotor

After seeing this beautiful beach we decided we need more relaxing days like this and also we realized we live on a beautiful island we need to take advantage of the beaches. I mean Oki is known to be the Hawaii of Japan. Maybe this coming up weekend we will take another beach trip and share it because it’s summer and I love the beach, Danny not so much. Anyways hope you all enjoy the post and like always please don’t be afraid to ask us any questions or leave any comments about the post. Thanks everyone!


-J.D Teg

2 responses to “Nirai Beach

  1. The beaches in Okinawa are what keep me sane living here. I feel like I haven’t had a proper weekend if I haven’t been to the beach!


    • They’re so beautiful! I know we haven’t really been to the beach since we’ve moved here but man, we are definitely going to start making it a thing.


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