Zip-Lining, Forest Adventure Park

I have never been zip-lining in my life and then I found out Danny hasn’t either. I decided well we might as well do it together. I have been wanting to do it for a while anyways. We searched on yelp to find out if there was a place around us and we found one! We had to make an appointment because they do it every half hour with a group. Which was ok with us, we don’t mind meeting new people. When we got there we had to sign some release forms and include an emergency contact, you know just in case you fall from a line… Anyways, we paid ¥32 which is about $30 which isn’t too bad because it usually costs way more to zip line. After we paid a bus came for us and took us to the top of the jungle and we had to walk about 3 minutes to get to the tippy top (scary, I know). I apologize ahead of time if the editing isn’t the best, I did the editing instead of Danny. IMG_1985-1_Fotor

When we arrived they got the harnesses on us and walked us to the safety brief part, it was really short about 15 minutes. We climbed a rope ladder, walked on a rope and went down a mini zip-line to make sure we paid attention during the brief. I was kind of scared at first but it was definitely fun and uh.. only the beginning.IMG_1988-1_Fotor.jpggiphy.gif

After learning how to properly use all three of the parts of our harness and trying out a small zip- line we headed into the real thing. By the way there are no employees helping you on each stop, unlike everywhere else that I’ve seen. It was a tad sketchy but too late to look back now… It was totally worth it though!IMG_1990-1_Fotor.jpgIMG_1991-1_Fotor.jpg

Going up the stairs to the real zip-line (ahhhhhh).IMG_1996-1_FotorIMG_1998-1_Fotor.jpg

Danny didn’t get me on this zip line but he got someone else, i’m not sure if you could see how far up it was, it was crazy!giphy.gif

Here we go again!IMG_1999-1_Fotor.jpggiphy-4.gif

Going down the zip-line was so exhilarating! I was scared for a few seconds but it was not too bad. I looked down and I didn’t even get scared. It was going super fast but it was so much fun.IMG_2024-2_Fotor.jpggiphy-3

Aside from the zip-lines there was an adventure side where you can jump into a rope wall when I say jump I mean jump from the zip line… I was not up for the challenge because 1) I was dying because it was so hot 2) I was really tired also, it looks terrifying.IMG_2002-1_Fotor.jpg

The death fall.giphy-2.gif

IMG_2007-1_Fotor.jpgIMG_2003-1_Fotor.jpgIMG_2009-1_Fotor.jpgIMG_2012-2_Fotor.jpgIMG_2019-2_Fotor.jpgWe didn’t take as many pictures as we usually do because we didn’t want our camera to fall and break and also our phones. But we now know and we want to buy a GoPro harness to capture every moment. It was so much fun though and we can’t wait to do it again if we find another place or maybe go to the same place. We were there for about 3 hours just for reference it kind of is an all day thing. It was super hot and humid that day so the heat was a little much but still so much fun. Please feel free to comment and share. Thanks everyone!


-J. Teg

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