Kayaking; Kadena Marina

This long weekend we decided to something fun and new. Danny and I are seriously burnt out because we’ve been doing so much. It was so worth it and it was definitely needed because we rarely spend time together. Anyways, Danny’s cousin and a few friends joined us, we headed to the Kadena Marina. It was only 25 minutes away, yay! Once we got there we rented the kayaks, it was actually really cheap; $5 dollars the hour. Danny’s cousin got a single and we got a double since I didn’t want to be alone. I honestly feel like I’m such a scaredy cat lately, I was kind of freaking out when we first got out in the water. I think it was mainly because we had our phones and my camera with us and it felt like the kayak was going to tip over every time either of us moved. I got through my fear though once we got going and I just forgot about everything. Also, the front of the kayak feels worst than the back. Danny and I ended up switching spots. It was so so hot though, thank goodness we took out hats to protect us from the sun.


There are places you can kayak to and there is a lot to look at. We saw little fishes and also it was a low tide so we couldn’t go everywhere. This was the first stop. There wasn’t much to look at but still it was cool. We saw little Dory’s. 5_Kadena_Marina_Fotor.jpg6_Kadena_Marina_Fotor.jpg13_Kadena_Marina_Fotor.jpg

Danny and I switched spots and headed to the next stop. There was a lot more to look at here. We didn’t take many pictures, sorry everyone. GOPR0341_Fotor.jpg11_Kadena_Marina_Fotor.jpg9_Kadena_Marina_Fotor10_Kadena_Marina_Fotor

After checking this place out. We headed back to the marina. It was way too hot to stay out in the sun for more than 2 hours. Once we got back we saw a bunch of people jumping from the top of this rock. You can kind of make them out in the picture. Danny said he wants to go back to jump, I told him he was crazy.


When we got back they were playing music and there was a lot more people than when we first got there. Danny’s cousin told us that there was another place where you could kayak to an island which we want to do soon. Since there was not much to kayak to at Kadena. This adventure was so much and we cannot wait to go kayaking again and go further into the water. Please feel free to share and if you have any questions as always we’ll be happy to chat with you all. Hope you guys enjoyed the post! Thank you.


-J. Teg

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