Nago Pineapple Park

If anyone knows me they know how much I love pineapple. Going to the pineapple park was the best I lost my mind, I LOVED it! I have been wanting to go since we got on the island. I mean you all can imagine how I felt when Danny finally took me. Good news is that the pineapple park was only 35 minutes away, yay! When we got there it was raining and we really wished it would’ve kept raining because it was so hot and humid after the rain, we saw the pavement smoking up because of it. The humidity was a little unbearable. But nothing was going to stop our adventure. Anyway, I’ll just show you our adventure through pictures!1_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg

Look how cute this little pineapple tram was! When we got to the parking lot we waited for this tram to take us to the entrance.4_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg11_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg

We bought our tickets and we waited for the little pineapple golf carts so we could get taken around the park. The golf cart had a speaker box that gave us information about different pineapples.22_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg27_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg

This is where we started, the cart drove itself and steered itself. We sat there and took pictures and listened to what the little speaker was telling us.34_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg68_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg83_Pineapple_Park_Fotor

Then there were this little houses with pineapples in them. It was so cute!100_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg

There were pineapples everywhere!!!179_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg

The park was really nice! It was like a jungle.210_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg225_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg248_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg

The cute pineapple cart that took us all around the park. Its so cute!281_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg

Oh and did I mention they sell pineapple spears!? They were only ¥2 and they were delicious. The pineapple here is sweet and not bitter at all in comparison to the ones in the states. It definitely cooled us down after walking in the heat.305_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg

After we got our pineapple spear we walked into a shell museum. They have hundreds of different shells in there. It was a little random, since we were in a pineapple park, but really interesting and the best part was that it was air conditioned.320_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg330_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg

After the shell museum, we walked through this pineapple arch way and made our way into the free samples. Woo!344_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg

By the way these wine bottles were lose and in the wall. I though that was cool because they didn’t fall out of there when I moved them (phew).359_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg

Danny didn’t get to try any of the wine samples because in Japan the blood alcohol level cannot exceed .03 which is equivalent to one sip of alcohol. It sounds a little crazy since in California it cannot exceed .08 but those are the rules and Danny’s cousin and I were more than happy to try them for him, duh! Who can pass up free wine!? Oh em gee you guys, this wine was delicious! We tried 4 different kinds and my favorite one was the grape and pineapple wine, SO GOOD! We ended up buying a bottle. Side note: it taste even better when you drink it as a sangria adding fresh fruits to it is a must!365_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg370_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg

Aside from wine samples there are different spots where we tried all different kinds of foods, drinks, without alcohol, and candy. They are all different not everything has pineapple either. 394_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg397_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg400_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg411_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg

I could not leave without buying a cute little pineapple! 419_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg

Our trip had to come to and end though. Back to the pineapple tram we went.439_Pineapple_Park_Fotor.jpg

We had so much and we can’t wait to go back! Honestly, this was one of my favorite things we’ve done on the island: maybe I’m being biased because of my love for pineapple. I do apologize if I’ve been slower on posting; I’ve been editing the pictures and writing so it’s been taking a little longer to post. But I hope you all enjoyed the post, feel free to comment and share. Thanks for tuning in everyone!


-J. Teg