California Sunshine

I apologize for taking a little longer than usual to post, the jet lag is so brutal and visiting family does not stop so its a little hard to post. As stated in the title I am officially home, for 2 1/2 months. Danny was supposed to leave on an assignment on Friday and then found out that they canceled the part where he leaves for the first latter of his assignment. Which makes me extremely sad because I am 6,000 miles away from my husband and our puppy. But I am also happy to be back with my family. Oh the bittersweet feelings continue.

Anyway, I just want to thank Eva Airlines for making my flight to Los Angeles bearable. Thank goodness I did not have to fly AMC because as you all know how that went the first time. I had a layover in Taiwan and the airport was very pretty. They had different themed terminals and even a Hello Kitty terminal! I’m not even crazy about Hello Kitty but it was so cute! I did fly to Taiwan in a Hello Kitty themed plane too! I mean the business class and first class were the ones that got the perks but still it was pretty cool; I flew economy I did not get any of the perks.IMG_2634_Fotor.jpgIMG_2649_Fotor.jpgI will posting about California for now. I hope you all keep tuning in though, I will try my best to make California as exciting as it should be for someone who is not from here or has never been. I landed on Tuesday and surprised my parents on Wednesday and it was my dad’s birthday it was the perfect timing.

On Friday we decided to go to Miramonte Winery in Temecula since my mom is a member there we get awesome perks. Oh my goodness I have not drank that much in so long, you all could imagine how the night went (haha)… Temecula is only 45 minutes from my parents house (yay). When we got there I started taking pictures and felt so weird because 1. I never take the pictures 2. nobody takes pictures here unlike in Japan and it made me feel like a tourist. I was a little uncomfortable at first. Also, please bear with me since I took the pictures they’re not up to par with Danny’s pictures. Seriously, they’re pretty bad compared to his.TEG_3972_Fotor.jpg

If you’ve never been to Temecula for their wine country it’s totally worth it. Its beautiful and the weather is always pretty good to have wine and just enjoy the beautiful view.TEG_3973_Fotor.jpgTEG_3978_Fotor.jpg

Since we went on a Friday they had live band! They were really good and honestly it was the perfect day to be there because it wasn’t too hot either. Isn’t this the cutest sign ever? Its super simple but I love simple things like this.TEG_3980_Fotor

I always feel super special when we sit in the “members only” spots. Fancy, fancy (lol).TEG_3982_Fotor.jpg



Feeling like Drake here, views. Honestly, where this winery is situated is really nice and pretty. You get to see a lot of the wineries.TEG_3986_FotorTEG_4010_Fotor.jpg

Once the sun started setting they turned on all the lights and it looked beautiful.TEG_4021_Fotor.jpgTEG_4028_Fotor.jpg

I had so much fun with my mom and my in laws. I missed spending time with them but at the same time I wanted Danny to be there. Again, the bittersweet feelings that are coming with this trip are really real. But I am going to enjoy every second of being back home. Thank you guys for tuning in to this adventure and feel free to let me know where you would all like me to go. Since I am from California it is a lot easier for me to go anywhere. Thanks everyone! Hope you enjoyed the post.



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