Salvation Mountain

This weekend I decided I would explore a new place in my home state. Danny suggested to go to Salvation Mountain in Niland. This place was a little further than our usual trips but I don’t mind a drive to explore a new place. It took 2 hours to get there and it was through highways I had never been through. It’s crazy to think I’ve lived in California my whole life and I had never 1) heard of this place, 2) never been there. I got the camera and started my trip to the mountain. The drive did not feel that long and it had pretty good views when we got closer. There was nothing but desert for miles and then it was weird there was desert on one side and a beach on the other (plot twist). When we got closer to the mountain there was a tiny town. It had a few stores and a little community and within 2 miles we were on a lonely road, again. We finally reached the mountain and it was super easy to use google maps, since there was no address I was a little worried but we made it! When we got there we parked in the dirt since the entrance and the parking lot were not paved. It was super cool though and definitely worth the 2 hour drive. As stated in the last post please bear with me and the pictures, I know they’re not as good as Danny’s.

A little information about the mountain, through the brochure, and how it came to be.. In 1989, Leonard Knight started building the first mountain and it collapsed. As Knight was rebuilding it he proclaimed “Now God you build it.”TEG_4030_Fotor.jpgTEG_4054_Fotor

1994: Imperial County attempted to have the mountain torn down. TEG_4043_Fotor.jpgTEG_4040_Fotor.jpg

2002: The mountain was named a National Treasure in the Congressional Record of the United States.TEG_4046_Fotor.jpgTEG_4052_Fotor.jpg

2011: Salvation Mountain, Inc. was formed as a non-profit group to preserve this monument.TEG_4063_Fotor.jpgTEG_4065_Fotor

2014: Leonard died (February 10th)TEG_4071_Fotor

The inside of the structure pictured above. Leonard intended to live in this structure. It was really nice there were so many inspirational bible quotes everywhere. This place was built with 80 bales of straw, broken glass and window putty. Everything about this was so interesting to me and it really looked like he put his heart into every angle.TEG_4078_FotorTEG_4085_FotorTEG_4088_Fotor

We moved over to the next structure. Again, so much creativity was done to make it. As you can see in the picture there are windows and so many colors!TEG_4066_Fotor

The inside of the structure was even more interesting. This tree structure was definitely the center point, it was dope!TEG_4108_FotorTEG_4110_Fotor

This was another structure interconnected with the previous one. My little brother was so intrigued by every aspect of the tree’s. I was happy that he enjoyed the trip.TEG_4127_FotorTEG_4145_Fotor

As you may have guessed Leonard was very religious and this is visible throughout the mountain.TEG_4151_FotorTEG_4163_FotorTEG_4166_Fotor

The official National Fold Art Site plaque.TEG_4172_Fotor.jpg

Back to the front of the mountain we went. TEG_4177_FotorTEG_4179_Fotor

Since they were fixing one side of the yellow brick road we had to go through the other side.TEG_4188_Fotor.jpgTEG_4198_Fotor.jpgTEG_4201_Fotor

We made it to the top of the mountain and the hardest part was the heat, it was really hot. Getting to the top of the mountain was not hard at all though. It was really, in some weird way, peaceful. The whole time we we were there it was peaceful but the top of the mountain was the most peaceful, it was lovely and the view was not bad either.TEG_4218_Fotor

There was prayers everywhere as well.TEG_4220_FotorTEG_4235_FotorTEG_4247_FotorTEG_4251_Fotor

The end of our adventure. It was a unique experience and a unique mountain. Once again the drive there was worth it. We were only there for 35 minutes but it was still worth it. Just a word of advice; stay hydrated. There was someone there giving out water. Also there is nothing around for about 40 miles so fill up beforehand and of course use the restroom they only have an outhouse. Exploring my home was so much fun and I am glad I found this place. I hope to find more places that I have never explored or been to. I can’t wait to show you all those places and of course the ones I’ve been through. Don’t forget to leave a comment of the places you would like for me to go to. Thanks for tuning in! As always feel free to share and share your thoughts. Thanks everyone!


-J. Teg

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