El Presidio Santa Barbara

Being back in California has been so much fun but I definitely miss Danny. It’s been hard being without him but being around my family has really helped and it’s been a help that they like going on adventures; I don’t have to go alone. YAY! We randomly decided to go to Santa Barbara this weekend and it was so much fun! We’ve been there plenty of times and have visited the Santa Barbara Mission before, we wanted to do something different this time around. But before we headed out we went to get some snacks because whats a road trip without some chips and an Arizona Green Tea?

Moving on, I looked up places to visit and I found El Presidio, it was highly rated so we all agreed to go. We live about 3 hours away from there but the views are always phenomenal when driving through Pacific Coast Highway. I highly recommend to go through the highway and enjoy the breathtaking views. It does take a little longer to get to Santa Barbara through the highway but seriously it’s so worth it! I was so happy to not be the one driving there. Well aside from being stuck in traffic a few times we got there fairly early at 1pm so we had the whole afternoon to enjoy it and have fun.TEG_4252_Fotor

If you’ve never been to Santa Barbara there is a heavy Spanish and Mexican influence in the way that the buildings are made. Most of the city looks very vintage, its one of my favorite cities. It’s the perfect place to take pictures too. I swear I probably would’ve just taken 1,000 pictures of all the buildings, they’re beautiful! El Presidio was also as beautiful! I had to take a picture from the car.TEG_4283_Fotor.jpg

As soon as we got there my dad was taking pictures and videos from his phone. He’s so cute. I told him I’d send him all the pictures so he can show them off (haha). TEG_4298_Fotor.jpgTEG_4303_Fotor.jpg

As I stated before there is a lot of Mexican and Spanish influence in the structures and buildings as you can see both flags were up in front of the Presidio building. It definitely makes me feel a sense of pride walking around there because of all the Mexican flags. Anyways, we were excited to find out that the entrance was only $5 for adults, $2.50 for military and free for children under 17. Safe to say it was worth it. It was definitely a sight to see but to be completely honest if you’re not into looking at buildings and some very small history then this isn’t the place for you. I really enjoyed it and so did my parents but it’s a little small worth the price though, honestly.TEG_4310_Fotor.jpg

The first building had an overview of the structure and a some artifacts.TEG_4329_FotorTEG_4333_Fotor

What’s a little exploring without some Pokemon hunting. My brothers can’t stay away from the game. As for me I really don’t want to download it because I am sure enough to be addicted to it. They caught a snorlax! Just for all you Pokè hunters there’s a bunch of stops in Santa Barbara. TEG_4334_Fotor.jpgTEG_4341_FotorTEG_4363_FotorTEG_4373_FotorTEG_4371_Fotor

You can see the pretty buildings from this part. TEG_4375_Fotor

I mean how cute are these pictures that they have in the restroom? I looked at the date on this picture and realized the date was the same as when we were there. We came to find out that the Fiesta still goes on till this day! More on that later. TEG_4388_Fotor

Also there were trees of all sorts in the area and it was super cool. My parents took some guavas from one of the trees. They said they were good but we weren’t supposed to take them soooooooo its safe to say I didn’t try them (haha).TEG_4397_FotorTEG_4414_Fotor

How cool is this!? My parents were telling me that this was used to cook, obviously I knew that but they said they used them at one point of their lives.TEG_4406_Fotor

This structure was in the back of the building. It was really small but cute.

Back to the middle we went.TEG_4492_Fotor

I really do love things like this. My dad now wants to build this in our backyard so we can make pizza. He’s so cute! Anyhow this was used as an “horno” which translates to oven. It was made out of adobo which is the equivalent to a clay like bricks. Of course there is more to it aside from that.TEG_4498_Fotor

Across from the that there was a chapel. The colors in there were an influence form the Spanish. Also, all the buildings were made out of adobo. But look how bright and pretty this chapel is. Side note: my brother was being super annoying about coming out in the pictures, he swears he’s a model (haha). TEG_4516_FotorTEG_4534_Fotor

According to my dad this is a “vascula” which means a scale where they weighed all their food. It was super cool that my dad knew all this stuff and was helping us understand it. My mom was informative as well. I really would not have known what this was if my dad wasn’t there. TEG_4574_Fotor

Again, we weren’t supposed to eat the grapes but my brother ate 3 and said they were so good. I can’t take my family anywhere nice without them breaking the rules (lol). I guess thats the best part of adventures with them. TEG_4583_Fotor

We then made our way across the street to another building.TEG_4606_FotorTEG_4611_Fotor

This was a replica of a Loom; how cool!TEG_4637_FotorTEG_4642_Fotor

More cool information that was learned from my dad. Apparently where the pots are basically they used them like a regular stove. They just started the fire under them and at the very bottom there were more hornos.TEG_4649_Fotor

The last building was across the street from the main entrance. I asked my parents what a Curiel was back in the day and my mom said they would put people in a line in front of this building and execute them. I was taken aback by the thought of it but woah. It was a dark part of the history but there is always parts we don’t like that come with history.TEG_4675_Fotor

Inside the building there was history about the natives who lived there at the time and also what natives were part of the heritage and bloodline. I thought I took a picture but unfortunately I didn’t. Lame; I know, I just get so distracted by everything and I love learning about history! I was definitely missing my photographer, aka Danny. TEG_4681_FotorTEG_4686_Fotor

This marks the end of our adventure… Well for the first latter of our visit. There was a lot to write about and see there so I decided to make this post a two part special. Only because I felt as if I posted everything in this I wouldn’t be able to talk abut as much and also the post would be too long.

I really recommend anyone who comes to California to visit Santa Barbara it’s one of my favorite cities and I feel that they don’t get enough credit. Everyone who comes to California either wants to go to Los Angeles and San Diego and don’t get me wrong those are beautiful cities but for some reason I feel like Santa Barbara has way more to offer. I love L.A and I’ve lived there for most of my life and that may be the reason why I feel the way I feel. Anyway, I feel like I’ve gone off on a rant, sorry guys. Moving on my family and I had such a great time even if it was just for a few hours. Santa Barbara is such a beautiful city and I can’t wait to post about the rest of our adventure! I will be linking our flickr as well so you all can see all the pictures I took, once I’m done editing them.

Stay tuned and thank you all for the support!


-J. Teg

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