¡Que Viva La Fiesta!

I did say that my trip to Santa Barbara was going to be a two part special; here goes the second half of my trip.

In my previous blog post i stated that we saw posters in El Presidio bathrooms that said that there was a festival during the weekend we were there. We ended up walking about a block away from El Presidio and ended up at the fiesta! We didn’t even know it was there.TEG_4694_Fotor.jpg

There were so many people in the little street but we didn’t mind it one bit. When we got onto the little street it seemed like we were in a little mercado aka a street full of stores in Mexico. It was really cool! Anyways this post will be more about pictures and just a little details here and there. Enjoy guys!TEG_4699_FotorTEG_4703_FotorTEG_4700_Fotor

How pretty are these dress!? We actually saw almost the same dresses in Cancun about a year ago and they were a little cheaper; obviously because they were in Mexico. But they are still beautiful! There were so many stores with clothing like this inside them. I really wanted a dress and they had the cutest baby clothes. I wanted it all for my nephew!TEG_4706_FotorTEG_4707_FotorTEG_4710_Fotor

Obviously I am obsessed with these buildings! I could not stop taking pictures of them.TEG_4719_Fotor.jpg

We went to another street and there were still vendors and celebrating going on everywhere! I just felt like staying there all weekend and celebrating. TEG_4724_FotorTEG_4726_Fotor

We turned a corner and we were inside the shops in Santa Barbara were there was more celebrating going on. I was just loving all the celebrating and this statue!TEG_4738_Fotor

Obviously if there is a fiesta there must be girls dancing in the pretty Spanish style dresses. I was obsessing over their dresses. They all looked so cute!TEG_4747_FotorTEG_4771_Fotor

All the confetti on the floor was coming from eggs that were being broken over peoples heads. You can all imagine there a lot that were broken. My little brother and I got some confetti on our heads but not an egg brokenTEG_4777_Fotor

I mean seriously look at the detailing from this dress, so beautiful!TEG_4781_Fotor.jpg

We had lunch and headed out to our next adventure. After I lost my phone and cried my eyes out and then found it, we were really off to our next adventure… The beach!TEG_4790_Fotor.jpg

When we arrived to the beach I was so happy to see the van pictured below. Every year we’ve gone to Santa Barbara we’ve seen this van and every year there is more added to it. I overheard the man say he’s been adding stuff to it for fifteen years. Fifteen years! Can you imagine spending all that time adding things to a car!?TEG_4798_FotorTEG_4802_Fotor

We got to see sand sculptures too!TEG_4815_FotorTEG_4819_FotorTEG_4825_Fotor

The beautiful sunset to end a beautiful day.TEG_4831_Fotor

I have fun every time we go to Santa Barbara but this time was so different with La Fiesta going on. It was a whole different experience. I love to see my culture celebrated and also other cultures. Since the Spanish and Mexican cultures are such a huge part of their history, I’m happy to see that they still celebrate both cultures. I know I didnt say much about La Fiesta itself but honestly I feel like everyone should check it out and see it for themselves. Also, I was only there for about 2 hours so it was not the same as experiencing it for a full day. They do have food vendors as well selling Mexican dishes and aguas frescas aside from the clothes vendors. There is no entrance fee either so walking in is fine which is super cool because I’ve been to festivals where they charge just to get in.

Anyways, I really hope that one of the two posts about Santa Barbara get’s you all to visit at least once. Definitely worth the drive if you live in Southern California and for those who live out of the state or country, I still recommend making a stop here. They have a pretty cool wine country as well. There is so much to do that you all will want to visit again. Thank you all for tuning in to the rest of the story and please feel free to comment! Y que Viva la Fiesta!


-J. Teg

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