Millennium Park Chicago

I’m back from my wonderful vacation in Chicago! I decided to take a real vacation and write a post when I got back rather than work while on vacation. I had such a great time and I’m so glad I got to do it with my brother. We stayed with family because we have family out there. Might I say I do wish we did a little more but a week is not enough to do everything on the list especially when you hang with family. Anyways moving right along. We left from LAX and ever since the construction has started it has been crazy there. We got lost for about 20 minutes because nobody there was helping after we asked for it. I understand that they are undergoing renovations but I mean they were not helping us at all. After 20 minutes of being lost we figured it out and found our departure gate with 30 minutes to spare! We boarded our flight and we were on our way! It was only a four hour flight which was not bad, I just wish United would let us watch a movie or something to make the time go by faster. We arrived at my aunts at 11pm ate some food and went straight to bed because we all know flying is tiring.

My aunt and uncle asked us what we wanted to do and of course we said we wanted to visit Millennium Park. We were on our way and it only took 15 minutes to get there from Cicero. On our way there we drove past the Field Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry. They looked awesome!I am so sad we did not get to visit them in the time we were in Chicago.

We parked and headed towards Grant Park. We came across a fountain and that was our first stop. Honestly, I did not know that the fountain was anything special until my uncle told us. It was the Buckingham Fountain! I was super excited and started taking pictures. This fountain was huge!TEG_4932_Fotor

And the Skyline! Looks so beautiful all together.TEG_4942_Fotor


Definitely an amazing place to take pictures. The park is super big too and its a calm spot. I was really enjoying all of it. I know it doesn’t look like it was hot but trust me it was hot! I felt like I was back in Okinawa because it was humid. But I mean look at the beauty in this fountain.TEG_4959_Fotor

The fountain is composed of pink Georgia marble, with some granite elements, and bronze sculptures. Our cousin’s also told us that there is a water show every night. We got to drive by it one night but never sat there to watch the show, which I wish we did. I’m sure it’s amazing.TEG_4982_Fotor

After taking a ton of pictures of the amazing fountain we walked over to the pier. Ok, for Chicago not to have an ocean they sure do have lakes that look that way! We couldn’t see the end of the water.TEG_5000_Fotor

The best thing about this is that the skyline is right there and it’s viewable from the comfort of enjoying a nice day out.TEG_5010_Fotor

We walked for few minutes and ended up at another park. The parks in Chicago are really nice and big. We didn’t realize how much we walked. TEG_5056_Fotor

Again, you can see the beautiful skyline from here. Obviously, I’m super obsessed with it. But you can’t deny how pretty the skyline is. Living in L.A i realized that the skyline there does not compare to any other because it’s so small compared to Chicago and the one in San Francisco. Oh and it was getting hotter by this point. Seriously, we were all sweating.TEG_5065_Fotor


Once we were further in the park we found a HUGE play area for kids. It was really nice and if I were a kid I would be excited to be there. I didn’t take pictures of this part of the park because the kid in me was so excited to see the cool play area that I lost focus and that is why Danny takes the pictures. Also, we don’t really feel comfortable taking pictures of kids and showing their faces without a parents consent. This is definitely one of those places to pay a visit to. Its really nice.TEG_5072_Fotor

We scurried on over to the next part of our adventure.TEG_5110_Fotor


Seriously, the views of the skyline were phenomenal. TEG_5085_Fotor


We were wondering what that cool building was and it was The Jay Pritzker Pavilion.The Pavilion stands 120-feet high, with a billowing headdress of brushed stainless steel ribbons that frame the stage opening and connect to an overhead trellis of crisscrossing steel pipes. The trellis supports the sound system, which spans the 4,000 fixed seats and the Great Lawn, which accommodates an additional 7,000 people (

Apparently, there was a festival going on when we got there. We always go somewhere when theres a festival, which is really cool if we actually attend it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go to this one because it was a beer and wine festival and we had my little cousin. Maybe next time!TEG_5118_Fotor

Finally after walking for a while we reached The Bean!TEG_5127_Fotor

I didn’t know, until I further researched, but the bean is actually called The Cloud Gate.TEG_5132_Fotor

The 12-foot-high arch provides a “gate” to the chamber beneath the sculpture, inviting visitors to touch its mirror-like surface and see their image reflected back from a variety of perspectives.TEG_5149_Fotor

Find me if you can!TEG_5139_Fotor

After reading that visitors can see their reflection in a variety of ways, I realized that it was true. Every angle of The Bean provides a different perspective and you might think, “Obviously Jeanette!” But at the moment we were just so excited to see the sculpture that we didn’t really realize how special this structure really is. Maybe I sound a little crazy but I just appreciate the take on it.TEG_5185_Fotor

This is probably my favorite picture that I’ve taken thus far. I finally understand what Danny means when he says that he doesn’t like to “pose” for pictures. The couple in this picture was the center point for me, it just looks like they are having such a great time; Naturally. I really wish I would have got their information to send them this picture because it’s just so perfect, in my eyes. I mean you can see how beautiful the skyline is from this view and again, in a different perspective. It’s amazing what capturing a moment can do to your pictures. TEG_5197_Fotor

After traveling to The Bean we realized we parked pretty far and it started sprinkling. Which is fine for me but I had forgotten to take the camera bag and I was scared that the rain would harm it. We decided it would be a good idea to sit this out and have my uncle bring the car to where we were. Well minutes after my uncle went to go get the car it started pouring and when I say pouring I mean we couldn’t really see much into the distance. My brother hadn’t seen rain like that in years because he lives in Southern California, it was so funny. He was dumbfounded by the rain; it was as if he saw a unicorn or something. It was the funniest thing I have seen. After about 20 minutes my uncle finally picked us up and we headed home. Lesson learned, bring an umbrella next time.

Exploring all these places in one day and getting caught by the rain was a lot of fun. I wouldn’t of wanted to spend the first day any other way. It was definitely a Chicago experience. I hope you all enjoy the post and if you have any questions about anything that I posted on please feel free to ask because with all the excitement I probably forgot to mention things. Anyways, thank you all for tuning into the first part of my Chicago adventure!

-J. Teg

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