A Taste of Michigan

I’m not sure if anyone realizes how close everything is to Illinois. My aunt and uncle decided we were going to go to Michigan to pick peaches! I thought we were going to drive for hours but it only took 1.5 hours to get to Michigan. Never thought it was so close! I’ve never been to Michigan so I was super excited to visit a new state. I mean when isn’t it exciting to go on a new adventure?

The drive to Michigan was well, green! Being from California my brother was taken aback yet again from the new things he saw. There were pretty nice views too the drive didn’t even feel like 1.5 hours. Anyhow our first stop was called Springhope Farm and it was super cute. The day was perfect too. Look at those clouds!TEG_5216_Fotor

Unfortunately, after arrival they told us that the people from the weekend before had finished the peaches and we could pick apples. We were super bummed because we’ve gone apple picking before in California but never peach picking. BUMMER! But we weren’t going to let that stop us from having a good day! It was such a beautiful setting and it was worth the drive. It’s great for the whole family, wishing Danny could’ve been there with me. TEG_5223_FotorTEG_5226_Fotor

My brother and I were obsessing over this beautiful little vine wall. I was wishing even more Danny would’ve been there to sit in the cute little bench with me and just enjoy the view.TEG_5238_FotorTEG_5239_Fotor

After taking a whole bunch of photos of this little spot we were ready to move on (haha). Seriously though the beautiful scene was just too much to pass up. TEG_5248_FotorTEG_5253_Fotor

We finally moved on to what we were there for; APPLE PICKING! They had different apples we could pick from. But they told us we could only have the Ginger Gold Apples this time. Which was fine with us because they looked awesome!TEG_5263_Fotor

By the way the wagons are used for kids, dogs and all the apples that we picked.TEG_5267_Fotor

There were a few spots were we couldn’t pick from but I do what I want and went for it anyway. I seriously hope that the owners of the farm don’t read this because I’ll be in big trouble (lol). Worth it!TEG_5270_FotorTEG_5301_Fotor

I mean who could pass up these beautiful apples!? Sorry owners of the place I had to, I only took three. TEG_5289_Fotor

We only took 20 minutes picking apples and playing around the trees. We walked back into the cute little store they had and paid for our apples which were only $0.90 the pound! AWESOME!TEG_5322_Fotor

We had so much fun that I can’t wait to go back to California to apple pick with my family!TEG_5344_Fotor

After we were done my aunt and uncle decided we were still going to go peach picking. They asked the owner of Springhope if he knew of any other place to pick peaches and he said there was a place only 15 minutes away. We hopped back on the road and headed on over. The drive there was even better than the way to Springhope. There were cornfields and awesome roads with huge trees on either side of the road. It smelled so good and the air was so fresh. It was literally a breathe of fresh air, I did not want the trip to end but it had to. We made it to the place! It was a winery too!TEG_5375_FotorTEG_5427_Fotor

It was such a cute place too! Again they had a little place where we paid and could buy other things. TEG_5353_Fotor

Also, there was a little tasting room and a place to sit and enjoy wine. I wish we could’ve done some wine tasting because I LOVE wine!TEG_5362_FotorTEG_5365_Fotor

How cute is this wine glass!? I didn’t even notice it when we first got there. I know, I know, I get excited over the simplest things.TEG_5370_Fotor

Off to the peaches we went!TEG_5377_Fotor

The views didn’t stop at the other place. Look how beautiful the view was here too! Uh-Mazing!TEG_5394_Fotor

The peaches were so good! We tried a peach at almost tree (lol). They were just so good to not have any while we picked them! Yum!TEG_5385_FotorTEG_5405_Fotor

After a long day of picking fruits we decided to go to the great lake! I was super excited. Obviously the lake run through Chicago but I wanted to visit in the state it was named after. We were on our way! It only took 15 minutes to get there from the peach place. Boy was I excited to be there! More beauty! TEG_5454_Fotor

The water was cold but so refreshing!TEG_5458_Fotor

And the sunset! Oh my goodness!TEG_5476_Fotor

There were little grills and we grilled and had such a good time at the Lake. TEG_5483_Fotor

My trip to Michigan was such fun! My aunt and uncle definitely filled our day with fun and I am so grateful they took us to go fruit picking. It’s the little things that make a day such fun with family. Every single place we went was family friendly and worth the drive. I would recommend it to anyone who is just going on a quick trip. I know I didn’t talk much about Lake Michigan but I think the pictures say it all. I wish we could have stayed for another day to explore more but we only got a little taste of Michigan. If you all have any questions about anything posted please feel free to ask. Thanks for tuning in everyone! Thank you!


-J. Teg

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