Skydeck Chicago

On our last night in Chicago we decided we HAD to go to the Skydeck in the Willis Tower. We definitely saved the best for last. I mean can someone really say they visited Chicago without visiting The Skydeck!? I think not! Getting there and finding parking was super easy too. Its almost like Los Angeles where they announce parking and its everywhere. Anyhow, I didnt know that the name went from The Sears Tower to the Willis Tower, obviously I was late because they changed the named and sold the Sears Tower in 2009. But I mean the name has nothing to do with the beauty of the Tower. Seriously, I have never been in such a tall building. With the Skydeck being at the 103rd floor of the building I was ready for the views!

I mean how cool is this building!? The curves and all. I was taken aback. You all must know by now how much I appreciate architecture and right when I saw the Willis Tower and I had to take a moment.TEG_5495_Fotor

Imagine how I would be in New York with those buildings if I was obsessing over these beautiful buildings? TEG_5499_Fotor

We made our way once I stared up and took a million pictures of the tower.TEG_5518_FotorTEG_5527_Fotor

Finally, we were in front of doors! Let me just let y’all know that those revolving doors were super heavy. I mean I am small so maybe that had something to do with it? (haha)TEG_5535_Fotor

And how cool is this replica of the tower?! Its the first thing we saw when we passed through those revolving doors.TEG_5547_Fotor

Off to buy tickets we went! It was super weird that we had to go down an elevator to buy our tickets though. TEG_5549_Fotor

Once we got down this was the first thing we saw.TEG_5552_Fotor

And many more other facts about the tower itself.TEG_5554_FotorTEG_5556_Fotor

Once we passed all this we bought our tickets and were on our way for more facts and of course the SKYDECK!TEG_5558_FotorTEG_5562_Fotor

Aside from the destination there is also exhibit like areas where you can read and learn about different aspects of the tower and that’s why we paid for the entrance. There is a ticket to go straight to the skydeck but if you know me you know I love to learn about every little thing.TEG_5566_FotorTEG_5582_Fotor

We thought this was the coolest thing ever and of course my brother had to come out in the picture because he swears he’s a model. Someone please insert the rolling eyes emoji (haha).TEG_5585_Fotor

It was finally time to get on the elevator! Yes you are reading that right, :60 seconds to the top and :90 seconds if its windy. I would never have known that wind would make a difference in elevator times! TEG_5601_Fotor

When we stepped into the elevator there was a video showing differences in heights in different structures in the world. It was super cool!TEG_5610_FotorTEG_5621_Fotor

Halfway there!TEG_5624_Fotor

Since the elevator was going pretty fast our ears were popping on the way up. I thought I was then only one but when I looked around I saw everyone touching their ears, swallowing their spit and yawning to pop their ears. It was pretty funny.TEG_5630_FotorTEG_5636_Fotor

There are more pictures like this on our Flickr, if you’d like to see what other buildings were featured in the elevator video click on Flickr feed. Moving right along, the last building featured on the video was The Empire State Building.TEG_5638_Fotor

We were finally on the 103rd floor and ready for them views!TEG_5646_Fotor

And those views we got…TEG_5652_Fotor

How cool is this though!? M cousins had no idea who Ferris Bueller was… Disappointment (lol). I was super excited!TEG_5657_Fotor

Staring out of the window where we saw the Ferris Bueller sign, were the best views. I mean look at this!TEG_5661_Fotor

There are four different places where we could stand for the Skydeck. We just chose the shortest line. We probably waited 25-30 minutes before we could get on the deck and it was totally worth it! Seriously, look at these phenomenal views!TEG_5686_Fotor

As always, what’s a trip without a selfie?!TEG_5689_Fotor

We took about 10 minutes taking pictures and getting used to the idea of being so high up on a glass floor. It was such a cool experience! I highly recommend everyone who visits Chicago to take a trip to the Skydeck, you HAVE to! Even if you’re scared of heights get over it and step on the Skydeck. My brother was contemplating stepping on, I had to give him a boost and pushed him on. It was pretty funny because he was freaking out at first but he got over it pretty quickly.

When we headed back we went down the same elevator we went up with. There was also a video about the history and other things. Honestly, we weren’t paying attention because we were still obsessing over the Skydeck. When we stepped off the elevator there was a gift shop and we HAD to buy souvenirs; you just can’t help it! Before leaving we saw this cool art piece. It was about the structural engineer of the Willis Tower.TEG_5705_Fotor

That was the last piece we saw before stepping out. My brother insisted we get a cool middle of the street downtown shot and we did and then right after we almost got ran over. Anything for a cool shot; right!?

I had such a great time at the Skydeck and obviously overall in Chicago. My uncle and aunt showed us such an awesome time and I cannot wait to visit again! I was missing Danny so much by the end of the week because I wanted him to be there and adventure around with me. Good news is it’s almost time to go back to Oki!

Anyway, my only regret about this trip is not going to the Skydeck in the daylight. Also, not visiting the Wrigley Field and getting the full Navy Pier experience but I understand that only so much can fit in a week. The adventuring will continue another time! Please let me know if you all have any questions and as always thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next adventure. We’ll be back in California! Thanks guys!


-J. Teg

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