Inyo National Forest: Devils Postpile & Earthquake Fault

I am so sorry everyone I know I lagged for this blog post but adjusting to Okinawa time is harder this time around. The jet lag is real! Anyhow, I wanted to share the last of my adventure in Yosemite. Yes, this will be my last California post until my next visit. Yay for Okinawa posts! I am so happy to be back home and with Danny so we can adventure together again.

Moving right along! Yosemite was such a beautiful place and I thought well maybe that was it with our first day there; Boy was I wrong! Although this was the Inyo side of the mountain it was super close to Yosemite.

We headed on over to the earthquake fault. Which by the way is one of the coolest things I’ve seen. The San Andreas fault runs all the way through California and to see just a little of it was super cool. I’ll just show you all. TEG_6108_Fotor

It was also crazy to see that some of the trees were bent so they would not fall into the fault. Its crazy what nature can do. There is one that is in the picture that looks a little bent. TEG_6111_FotorTEG_6127_Fotor

I tried to get the best pictures I could of the depth of the fault unfortunately, there was a gate and could not get closer. But it is a safety concern since the fault is unpredictable and if we were too close we could fall in and get hurt.TEG_6138_FotorTEG_6147_Fotor

The bottom picture shows a little more of the bent trees. How cool!TEG_6148_Fotor

There was more of the fault to look at but we were pressed on time so we had to cut the adventuring at the fault a little short. The earthquake fault was actually close to Mammoth it was only about 5 minutes from our hotel.

We moved on over to the other side of the forest because we wanted to see the Devils Postpile before heading home.TEG_6151_Fotor

It took about 25 minutes to get to the bus area to go to the Devils Postpile. We could not park in the parking area. We had to go all the way to the very end of the road and park in a little resort area and get on a quick 5 minute bus ride. But it was a beautiful view!TEG_6156_FotorTEG_6168_Fotor

We actually had to hike up a half mile to get to the Postpile but it was super easy compared to the mile uphill hike we had to do when we went to the sequoias. Oh man that was brutal!TEG_6180_FotorTEG_6186_Fotor

We finally got to our destination and we were not disappointed! The pictures do not do this beautiful place any justice.TEG_6199_FotorTEG_6214_Fotor

It was a cool place. We sat there for a few minutes and just admired the beauty that this place has to offer, what nature has to offer. It’s so crazy to see how nature makes things out of, well, nature. Really enjoyed the Devils Postpile. After about 30 minutes we started to walk back to the bus area. It was so beautiful that I had to take more pictures. TEG_6229_Fotor

We realized there was a bridge to the lake and we headed on over.TEG_6252_FotorTEG_6244_Fotor

We witnessed the coolest thing. There was water spouts in the lake! My dad explained to me that thats how usually water comes out of natural rivers and lakes. I just thought it was the coolest thing ever! It can be seen in the picture below. So cool!TEG_6270_Fotor

We had to head on over to the bus area because there was only one more bus left to go back to our cars. I was so sad to leave the forest. Honestly, it was such a wonderful weekend to spend in the trees and in nature. I never realized how obsessed I am and my family as well. I am so glad we got to experience Yosemite before I headed back to Okinawa and spend time with my family. I wish I could’ve done more but we were only there for the weekend. It gives me a reason to visit again with Danny though.

If you ever visit California, Yosemite should be a stop. It is such a beautiful place. Thank you all again for reading and tuning in, next week will be about Okinawa again! Please feel free to leave any questions or comments. Thanks everyone!TEG_6239_Fotor


-J. Teg

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