Southeast Botanical Gardens

We’ve been wanting to go to the Botanical Gardens because we live about five minutes away and we finally went! We took some of our friends and had a lot of fun. I know a botanical garden could be a little boring sometimes but we had a lot of fun there! Theres a lot to do and since our friend took his daughter we especially had fun! The entrance was ¥1500 per adult, ¥1000 for teens, ¥500 for children and children under 6 go in free. They accept ¥ and credit card.TEG_6956_Fotor

The entrance was so cute! There are cows like the one pictured below everywhere. People that come into the park draw on them. Everything that you see on the cow was drawn by people who went to visit the garden.TEG_6979_Fotor

We walked through the bridge and realized it had dozens of lights on it. Well we found out that on Friday and Saturday they close late and they light up the garden! I hear it’s really nice, we definitely want to go sometime soon to see it and share it!TEG_7032_Fotor

There were definitely a lot of flowers to look at, obviously, they were beautiful! Danny actually caught a hummingbird his tongue pulling nectar. SO COOL! TEG_7067_FotorTEG_7069_Fotor

And obviously Danny can’t take me anywhere because I act like a fool (haha). Just having fun ignore me.TEG_7077_Fotor

There were so many cute seating areas everywhere in the garden and they came with a view.TEG_7096_FotorTEG_7155_Fotor

Views from the sitting area.TEG_7106_Fotor

Danny finally made an appearance!IMG_3787_Fotor

I definitely did not think this place was so big! Aside from beautiful flowers and amazing views there is also a play area for kids! It is a kid friendly garden and I myself played in the area with my friends daughter because we all know I am still a child.TEG_7269_FotorTEG_7261_Fotor

Cows to draw on!TEG_7278_Fotor

Also, there is a little area with animals and we were able to pet all of them and feed some! It was probably mine and our friends daughter, Violet, favorite part of the whole garden.TEG_7344_FotorTEG_7457_FotorTEG_7616_Fotor

There was so much to look at, it’s like a little jungle where you won’t run into Habu’s!TEG_7590_FotorTEG_7676_Fotor

We had so much fun looking at all the wonders the water garden had to offer! Now we were on our way to the botanical garden.TEG_7807_Fotor

We should of went to the botanical garden first before the water garden because it was a little bit of a let down. Nonetheless it was beautiful.TEG_7886_FotorTEG_7905_FotorTEG_7975_Fotor

There were sitting areas and more animals on the botanical side. There is also a restaurant inside the water garden. Unfortunately, we did not get to experience the restaurant because it was closed when we went. There is another play area for kids inside a building with a sand area. Oh and ice cream! It was so much fun going to the gardens, they were beautiful and definitely a good place to have a cute date. One thing to keep in mind would be to wear bug spray! There were so many mosquitos Violet got bit 5-6 times and so did I. Not sure why we were the only ones getting bit but it sucked! Other than that, there is nothing else to worry about. It was a relaxing and fun day.TEG_7826_Fotor

Thanks for tuning in everyone! Please feel free to leave comments and such! Also, if y’all want to see more pictures please check out our flickr there are more pictures there. Again, thank you all. Stay tuned for our next post!


-J.D Teg

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