Our First Roller Slide

I had heard about roller slides out here way before we made our big move. This was one of the things I had been looking forward to since we came to Okinawa. After almost five months of living here we FINALLY went to a roller slide!

The roller slide was tucked away in a park. Never would have guessed it was there since it was not visible from the road. We walked the perimeter of the park which was really nice.TEG_8021_Fotor

Once I saw the slide I was super excited and a tad nervous about it. It looked HUGE from my angle, I am only 5’1 so yeaaaaa. Nonetheless I was super excited to go on and so was Violet!TEG_8034_Fotor

I was definitely not the courageous one to go on first but Violet was! Bless her little courageous soul!TEG_8053_Fotor

I was still contemplating this awesomeness, Danny was up next and Violet was ready for another run down the slide.TEG_8079_FotorTEG_8085_Fotor

They finally made it down!TEG_8094_Fotor

Finally I conjured up the courage to go down the slide! Here we go!

I was going so fast! It was a little scary at first. I know, I know I’m such a lame-o (haha).TEG_8121_Fotor

Violet was ready for another ride!TEG_8141_Fotor

Views from the tippy top!TEG_8191_FotorTEG_8196_Fotor

One last time for Danny!TEG_8215_Fotor

Roller sliding was definitely such fun! I can’t wait to go on more slides and share the awesomeness. Somethings to keep in mind when visiting these awesome slides; take some kind of sled or cardboard to come down on it, if not a little piece of butt will come off. Danny lost a piece of his butt on the slide somewhere (haha). It was super funny! Other than that it’s so much fun. Thanks for tuning into our roller slide adventure can’t wait to share more! Till next time!

-J.D Teg

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