Tsuboya Pottery Festival

We had been hearing about the Tsuboya Pottery Festival for weeks and we knew we had to go. I mean the pottery was going on to be on sale, up to 20% off depending on the vendors, who could pass up a deal like this!? We were on our way and I was super excited! We arrived to our location. I walked out of the car and got everything ready. I soon realized we were in the wrong pottery village. I asked Danny what he looked up and he said he looked up pottery village and Yomitan Pottery Village popped up. I just started laughing and told him we were in the wrong place. We got in the car and were on our way again!

It took us about thirty minutes to get to Tsuboya. We ended up at the pottery street, which was beautiful! Every side had little store that sold pottery. It was such a treat to see! We walked about seven minutes through some really small streets as well. We actually thought we might have been in the wrong area. But it was a really cool area! Every side of the street had a restaurant or a bar. Definitely keeping that in my to visit list. TEG_9744_Fotor

Aside from all the detours we had finally made it to our destination! We actually noticed that a lot of the street signs and some sidewalks had pottery on them, just like this sign. So cool!TEG_9747_Fotor

The festival was actually pretty big and had so many things to look at! We were pleasantly surprised. I really wanted to take pictures of everything and just post it all. But I won’t overload on pictures and just show some of the things we really liked! We were obsessed with these little magnets. Seriously, how cute are these?TEG_9810_Fotor

All the pottery is hand crafted by local pottery makers and even some outsiders. How amazing are these!? The detailing is insane! Yes, these bowls are marked from $150 to $60, already discounted. TEG_9839_FotorTEG_9853_Fotor

And these amazing bowls, lost my mind.TEG_9867_FotorTEG_9931_Fotor

This was probably our favorite piece, since we love elephants so much. All the details and and the colors, they’re beautiful!TEG_9943_Fotor

There was also cute little Shisa Dogs and Lucky Cats!TEG_0049_FotorTEG_0058_Fotor

Of course, who could forget the actual Shisa Dogs themselves? There were so many at the festival and in Okinawa. I wanted all of them because they’re so badass and they are very special in Okinawa. Since the 15th century the Shisa Dog is the guardian of Okinawa. There is one with an open mouth, which takes in the evil and the one with the closed mouth, which keeps the spirits in. They are usually in front of houses and stores because of what they are believed to do. Since I arrived on the island and learned about them I became a little obsessed with them. But I think everyone here could agree with me that the Shisa Dog is amazing.TEG_9794_Fotor

We bought a little something for our home, after going to every stand, since we wanted to make sure that was the piece that we wanted. We actually did not think we were going to be there for so long but we were there for almost 2 hours! It was such a fun festival and we can’t wait for the one next year to buy some more pottery. The festival itself is free but to buy anything the vendors only accept yen. There is food and drinks sold as well. There was a pottery making station but we did not get to make our own piece because we were scared we would not have enough time to look around. Next year though! We hope you enjoy the post. Please feel free to comment and share. If there is any questions about the festival please feel free to ask! Thanks for tuning in!

-J.D Teg

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