Zakimi Castle

We’ve been on a castle craze lately, we’ve been trying to go to every castle on island. We are happy to say we only have four left. WOO! That we know of.. Anyway, this trip took us to Zakimi Castle. It was a quick 30 minute trip and the parking was a little weird and limited nonetheless, we had arrived. We were ready to explore!TEG_8229_Fotor

There were urns in the very front before entering the castle to show that they respect the ones who’ve gone to the other side. The urns were very beautiful. Also, a centipede bit me here and I thought I was going to die, until I Googled it. Turns out it has to be a very big centipede in order to be worried, needless to say I did not die, we’re good everyone.TEG_8251_Fotor

We walked up the stairs and saw this beautiful canopy of trees. It seemed as if we walked into a forest. After seven months of living here it still takes me aback to see these beautiful scenes.TEG_8264_FotorTEG_8289_Fotor

The beautiful road took us to the doorway of the castle.TEG_8320_FotorTEG_8334_FotorTEG_8377_Fotor

We walked through another doorway to another area. This was the last area before walking on top of the castle. I know so quick!TEG_8403_FotorTEG_8424_Fotor

Every castle has crazy beautiful views. I mean seriously, I still can’t get over the views!TEG_8427_FotorTEG_8451_Fotor

This was actually the smallest castle we have been to. The size was not a problem though, it was still a beautiful castle and there’s a lot to look at. The beautiful tree’s were probably my favorite part. Also, there is little areas where we could sit and just enjoy the views in the trees. It was a very calming scene.TEG_8481_Fotor

There is not an entrance fee to this castle. It is completely free, major plus. If you’re looking for something quick to do this is probably it, we finished exploring the castle in 30 minutes. It was a fun, quick trip. Anyway, we hope you all enjoyed our very short post. Please check our our Flickr for more castle pictures. Thanks for tuning in everyone!


-J.D Teg

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