Katsuren Castle

Castles on Castles! If theres one thing I really love about Okinawa is all the castles. Each one has its own uniqueness. Our next visit was Katsuren Castle! It wasn’t too far from our house about 35 minutes, seems like everything on island is only 30 minutes away. We actually found this castle on accident. We were just driving around aimlessly when Danny had a bright idea, to look up a place to explore. Katsuren Castle came up on Google Maps and we were on our way! We actually missed the castle the first time because its a little easy to miss when you’re listening to Google, haha. Needless to say we got lost for two minutes but found our way back. There is a lot of parking and the castle is free of charge, yay! We parked and were on our way to another adventure.TEG_8512_Fotor

This castle would be another site added to World Heritage Site’s we’ve visited; along with Nakagusuku, Shuri and Zakimi. Super exciting!TEG_8534_Fotor

The castle was pretty impressive! I was not ready for those stairs though…TEG_8542_FotorTEG_8549_Fotor

The stairs were truly worth the climb though, the views were breathtaking when we got to the top of the stairs. There was views on every side of the castle. It was amazing and obviously beautiful!TEG_8553_FotorTEG_8577_Fotor

But then, I realized there were more stairs to climb and I was not ready. As it can be seen on the picture I was in distress looking at the stairs we had left to climb. At the moment it seemed like so many because it was humid but now looking back, it was not even that bad, haha.TEG_8559_Fotor

It was really awesome to see that things are still the way they were back in the 16th century. A prime example would be the picture below. Learning about the history is my favorite!TEG_8621_FotorTEG_8624_FotorTEG_8631_Fotor

Finally, the last flight of stairs to get to the tippy top!TEG_8653_Fotor

The climb was totally worth it, the views had me mesmerized. I really do not believe I’ll ever get used to the beauty of Okinawa, especially when its atop a castle. I finally convinced Danny to take picture with me!TEG_8753_FotorTEG_8695_FotorTEG_8778_Fotor

Katsuren had A LOT of information about the history of Okinawa when this castle was built. By now it should be known we love, more like I love, to learn about the history about Okinawa. Its so interesting to me, which is a tad odd because I do not remember enjoying learning about history so much in school, haha.

After our little adventure at Katsuren, we headed over to a nearby beach just to check out the views. It was on a different island which was only a few minutes away from Katsuren. The water was absolutely amazing and the views, my goodness.TEG_8819_FotorTEG_8822_Fotor

It was definitely a fun filled weekend visiting Katsuren and the beach. I still can’t believe I live on this beautiful Island. I don’t think I will ever get used to the idea but for now I am definitely obsessed with our little piece of paradise. If there is a suggestion for Katsuren is to have yen because there is a little ice cream stand right next to the parking lot and the ice cream will definitely help if its a hot day. Other than that, all I can say is enjoy the beauty of Katsuren and try to make a stop to the beach! Seriously AMAZING! As always please feel free to comment and check out our flickr for more pictures! Thanks for checking out our adventure this week!

-J.D Teg

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