Kakazu Takadai aka Kami’s Lookout

Did anyone catch the reference to Dragon Ball Z in the title? No? Ok, I guess Danny and I are a tad bit nerdy. Anyway, we took a break from castle visiting and went to a park that had a really cool looking observatory. Kakazu was only 30 minutes away from our house and there is a lot of parking around, I mean it is a park. There were children and families playing soccer, it was just so random coming across this place and its in a park! I seriously love Okinawa.TEG_8897_Fotor

After exploring the park for a bit we decided to move onto the observatory part. Anyone can enjoy a fun filled day at the park and then learn some history and see some amazing things for instance, the wall full of bullet holes and yes those are from World War 2.TEG_8910_FotorTEG_8911_Fotor

Here we go again… stairs, my worst enemy haha.TEG_8914_Fotor

But I made it and the observatory was right in front of the stairs. TEG_8946_Fotor

There were a few more stairs to climb to get to the tippy top of Kakazu. It was worth it! The views were impeccable and the vibe up there felt so peaceful. I wanted to stay longer.TEG_8958_Fotor

It seems as if everywhere we visit there are views of the ocean and they’re always so beautiful. I understand we live on an island and it should be obvious that there will always be a view of the ocean but wow!TEG_8965_FotorTEG_9003_Fotor

Kakazu is actually a map of the world, it’s a little like a globe. Pretty cool! There was so much to look at aside from the observatory but it didn’t take away from it. But really for those of you DBZ fans doesn’t this place look a little like Kami’s place!?TEG_9052_FotorTEG_9076_FotorTEG_9084_Fotor

There was still one more pretty cool little area to look at and it was a bunker from the war. This place had bullet holes as well! I’m such a nerd for this stuff, I swear.TEG_9097_FotorTEG_9099_Fotor

I actually learned that there was an easier way up to the observatory but it was too late for that. Just for future reference anyone going to visit here take the other way instead, you won’t be out of breathe when you get to the observatory haha.TEG_9109_FotorTEG_9114_Fotor

It was a quick little trip but it was fun and really cool to visit a place like this. It wasn’t a castle but there was a lot of history to learn here and amazing views to look at. It was definitely something different from what we’ve done. Thanks for tuning into yet another adventure! Please feel free to comment and share.


-J.D Teg

2 responses to “Kakazu Takadai aka Kami’s Lookout

  1. If you haven’t done it already, I suggest you check out the MCCS Battle Sites Tour, this is one of the stops! The tour guide is suuper knowledgable and you learn so much about the war.

    Also, I agree, the views from this observatory are breathtaking!!!


    • Yea that’s what we’ve doing on our own. Danny does it with his students so he takes me to all the cool sites after and tells me about the history and stuff. It’s kind of cheating haha
      We got to witness the sunset that day and it was amazing!


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