Nakijin Castle

On the northernmost part of Okinawa we found ourselves at Nakijin Castle Ruins. With only a fee of ¥400 per adult, we were ready to check this beauty out. We actually found ourselves ¥100 short but the kind lady at the pay window let us slide through, we are definitely giving them extra yen next time we visit for that! The entrance fee allows entrance to the castle and the museum, which is a steal because this castle was incredible!TEG_9127_Fotor

Unfortunately, there is no sure date of the beginning of construction it is said that it might’ve started sometime in the 13th century and taking its final form in the 15th century.TEG_9138_FotorTEG_9145_Fotor

Nakijin is probably the castle with the largest excavations sites I’ve seen on island. Nakagusuku comes in second but since Nakijin has actual remnants that were found in the excavation process this, to me, was the largest set.TEG_9159_FotorTEG_9206_Fotor

The main entrance gate was probably where I really saw the amazing construction of the walls to the castle. We saw that the stones were stacked on top of each other. I had to touch the walls because I couldn’t really believe it was real. I mean look at the intricacy!TEG_9223_FotorTEG_9248_FotorTEG_9240_Fotor

This was probably where I was taken aback, the walkway was EVERYTHING! I can imagine when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and how amazing the walkway looks. I begged Danny for a trip back in January when they are in full bloom and I promise I will post about it when we go back!TEG_9229_FotorTEG_9355_Fotor

When we got atop the walkway we roamed the little area there and then found ourselves in front of a beautiful view of the ocean and this time it was the East China Sea!TEG_9420_FotorTEG_9468_Fotor

There are views of the ocean as well as beautiful green views of the canopy of trees. Seriously, all the castles we’ve been to have had the most amazing views!TEG_9453_Fotor

After losing ourselves in the views, which we didnt want to walk away from, we entered another section of the ruins.TEG_9518_FotorTEG_9545_Fotor

We actually were there for quite sometime and got to witness the sunsetting. Amazing!TEG_9568_Fotor

The last part of the ruins was actually the excavation sites.There was an impressive amount of items found in the excavations. I believe they are still in process of excavating other sites because there were sections that were off limits.TEG_9610_FotorTEG_9648_Fotor

Another site added to the World Heritage Site’s we’ve visited!TEG_9721_Fotor

Another castle, another day. It was such a treat to see Nakijin there was so much to look at especially in the museum. Unfortunately, we could not take photos of anything in the museum. I have seen other people post pictures but I wanted to be respectful of their wishes and if we got caught doing it, who knows maybe they would just not let us in the museum at all. But the museum had plenty of what they’ve found on excavations. We took about two and a half hours to explore and enjoy everything. It was a whole day adventure for us since we live so far from the ruins but it was without a doubt worth it.

Things to keep in mind, comfortable shoes are a must there is a lot of walking on stone paths and stairs. They only accept yen, take enough yen. There are little shops that only accept yen as well! Other than that Nakijin is an amazing place! Thank you all for tuning into our adventure and please feel free to share, follow us on Instagram and leave comments!

-J.D teg

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