A Year Full of Bliss

I thought I’d do something a little different on this post. I was thinking, we always post about our adventures in Okinawa, I needed to share a little about my ourselves. Since we don’t get too personal on our adventure posts, we thought we’d get a little personal here.

My oh my has it been an amazing year. 2016 is the year I married my best friend and made a huge decision to follow him to Okinawa. It’s insane to think that only a year ago I was just his girlfriend and everything happened so quickly I forget how fortunate I am to be married to the love of my life. Seriously, three weeks to plan a wedding, while trying to get things ready to come to Okinawa was insane! Okinawa has changed us in so many ways, I feel like Danny and I really found another side of ourselves out here. As newlyweds we did not know what to expect coming to a new country but also we never lived together! It definitely has been an adventure for us and such fun. dsc02520_fotor

Then theres our puppy. My little shit, my best friend Jacks. We have learned to be patient with this cutie and his love and loyalty for us just shows us we picked the best doggy ever. Our burping puppy, Jacks.img_2445_fotor

We recently adopted a cat. Whose name is Kat, I had to. Its been a crazy month with him and the dog together. I feel like we’re in a Tom and Jerry episode haha.teg_2834_fotor

Okinawa has been such an adventure and we’ve only been here for 8 months and we’ve done so much! I can’t wait to keep adventuring in Okinawa and sharing everything I can with everyone. I love sharing the beauty of Okinawa with all of you! Special thanks to the bloggers on island who have given me ideas and have been supportive of everyone, its great to meet, not formally yet but hopefully soon, such amazing women.

Our plans for 2017 are big! We will be traveling outside of our little Island and we are so excited! We will be visiting Tokyo sometime in March because I am a Disney fanatic. Seriously, I did the pin trading in California and had my pass for 3 years. I cannot wait to visit! Please if anyone has suggestions of things to do in Tokyo, let us know!

Aside from Tokyo we also want to visit Thailand in 2017, we love elephants and want to visit them. We are trying to fit in another visit somewhere else but we are not sure yet. Any ideas!? As for myself, I am planning to keep learning Japanese and HOPEFULLY within this time of year in 2017 I’ll be able to speak and understand more Japanese. Anyways, I really wanted to share some personal stuff and if you all have anything to ask that I didn’t share, please feel free to ask! Happy New Year and I can’t wait to share more of my adventures with you all!


-J.D Teg

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