Shikinaen Royal Garden

The designated national place of scenic beauty.

With so much beauty in one place, I could definitely agree with that statement. I was trying to think of a clever way to begin this post but I really couldn’t find the words to give this garden the justice it deserves. This is my favorite place in Okinawa, so far. As soon as I walked into the garden I just felt an overwhelming sense of peace. I am not sure if it was just Danny and I who were feeling this way. It was incredible.TEG_0286_FotorTEG_0289_Fotor

Even looking at the pictures I feel so peaceful.TEG_0330_FotorTEG_0336_FotorTEG_0352_FotorTEG_0389_FotorTEG_0399_Fotor

The deeper we went into the garden the more serenity and peace I felt inside me.TEG_0410_FotorTEG_0443_FotorTEG_0453_Fotor

Seeing the beauty of it all was truly breathtaking. At that moment it just felt as if time stopped and we were one with nature.  We just took a moment and took it all in, Danny even stopped taking pictures to enjoy the scenery.TEG_0491_FotorTEG_0501_FotorTEG_0540_Fotor

This was the second house to the Ryukyu royal families. It is called an Udun and it was exclusive to high class people. It doesn’t look that big from the outside but inside there were 15 rooms! TEG_0511_FotorTEG_0572_Fotor

The plants in Shikinaen garden were once carefully arranged to enjoy the changes of the four seasons. There were plums on the east side of the pond for the spring, in the summer Fuji bloomed in the middle of the pond and in the fall dark violet flowers of Kikyo, Chineses bell flowers, were visible around the pond. I can imagine the royal families enjoying the beauty year round.TEG_0633_FotorTEG_0668_Fotor

The Rokkaku-do, the hexagonal building which was a place for rest. Also, this was built with Chinese influence, instead of the red roof tile this building has black tiles.TEG_0691_FotorTEG_0719_FotorTEG_0812_FotorTEG_0755_FotorTEG_0761_FotorTEG_0770_Fotor

Always, a view!TEG_0859_FotorTEG_0880_Fotor

I was feeling such peace at this point, my mind was clear and I was enjoying the view so much. I know it seems odd but honestly, I am not making this up we were stuck in a peaceful state. It was an amazing feeling.TEG_0886_FotorTEG_0957_FotorTEG_0980_Fotor

We made a friend when we first got to the garden and saw him at the exit! Danny wanted to take him home.TEG_1046_Fotor

On the ride home we felt a sense of euphoria and I’m pretty sure it was because of the gardens influence. Shikinaen was a different experience for myself and Danny, we enjoyed it so much we actually visited a second time. As I am writing and looking at the pictures I transport and feel the way I felt that day. Honestly, my favorite place so far and I hope whoever visits or has visited has the same experience because its amazing!

Just before visiting, make sure to take bug spray, I didnt get bit but there were mosquitos whizzing by. The entrance is only ¥400 for adults and ¥200 for children, yen only! There is also a tiny gift shop that sells ice cream also, yen only. Other than that enjoy the garden and tell us about your experience even if it was a past visit, we want to know the experience for other people. We apologize for taking an extra week to post but the holidays threw everything off! Thanks for tuning in everyone.


-J.D Teg

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