Ryukyu Lantern Festival

Located inside the theme park known as Muraski Mura, we actually got to visit the second lantern festival! I didn’t know where Danny was taking me this time. I was having one of those rough weeks, I’m sure you all know what winter blues feel like. Danny decided it was time I got out of my blues and surprised me! I was so excited when we arrived, it has been something I have been wanting to do for quite sometime. The lanterns are lit from 18:00-22:00 from December 1st until February 26th. During the day Murasaki Mura offers cultural experiences and little shops selling anywhere from food to pottery. We can’t wait to visit during the day!teg-33teg-1

There are approximately 5,000 lanterns throughout Murasaki Mura. The whole walkway was lined with different lanterns but most of it looked like this, super cute!teg-2teg-31

There was less traditional Chinese lanterns also displayed that were handmade by local artist.teg-3teg-4teg-5

These lanterns were a representation of the Yomitan Village. They are really big on the sweet potato tart known as “Beniimo” there are pictures of it when driving to Murasaki. Of course there were Shisa’s as well! teg-6teg-7

We moved into the main area and it was more than I expected there were so many lanterns! It was awesome!teg-8teg-9IMG_4371.jpg

This was definitely a highlight, a 25 ft Ryukyu King! I did see a lot of photos with Eisa dancers and Ryukyuan dancers right next to him but when we went they were on different parts of the park. We took pictures of them, unfortunately, the Eisa dancers were blurry.TEG_3109_FotorTEG_3116_Fotor

This cute little heart tunnel was one of my favorites! teg-12teg-13teg-14

There is a little area with goats and a green house with a butterfly garden. I am scared of butterflies therefore, Danny went in there by himself. Such an odd thing to be scared of but don’t judge me! Haha.teg-15teg-16teg-17teg-20

This was by far my favorite and best part, The Tenshikan Hall. There were shops on either side of the hall, unfortunately they were closed. There is a Shisa Dog making shop, I can’t wait to go during the day to make Shisa’s!teg-21teg-23teg-27teg-26teg-25

I had such a fun night and it was definitely worth withstanding the cold for!teg-30

I really enjoyed the lantern festival, it was something I have been wanting to do and it was such a sweet surprise. It was a nice evening and it’s worth the ¥600 yen entrance.

I do advise to wear something warm because even in my bomber and beanie I was feeling the cold, but then again I am cold once the weather goes under 70. Make sure to stop by the little chicken kabob stand and have one, they are so good! For more photos, check out our Flickr. Hope you all enjoyed the post and thanks for tuning in.

-J.D Teg

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  1. Ah this is gorgeous! I’ll be in Okinawa this time next week, I can’t wait! Glad to hear this festival will still be happening while I’m there! Definitely adding it to the to-do list 🙂

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