Yaese Cherry Blossoms

Last weekend we decided to go check out some cherry blossoms. We were super excited to learn that unlike the U.S. and mainland Japan the blossoms in Okinawa start to bloom starting mid January. We made our way to the southernmost cherry blossoms in Yaese Park.TEG_3326_Fotor

We were a little disappointed to find that the trees were barely blooming and had very little blossoms. Nonetheless, we took it as an adventure and still roamed around the park and took pictures. When life hands you lemons you make lemonade, right?TEG_3375_FotorTEG_3378_FotorTEG_3362_Fotor

There are over 170 lanterns in the park lining the park!TEG_3351_Fotor

The views at the top were actually really nice, bonus!TEG_3386_FotorTEG_3381_FotorTEG_3395_Fotor

It actually started raining so we had to cut our trip even shorter than we had planned. Not a good day for cherry blossom hunting!TEG_3436_Fotor

We wanted to stay until sunset to see the lanterns light up but unfortunately the rain stopped us. After we left we learned that the cherry blossoms start blooming in the north first and make their way to the south of the island; Every experience is a learning experience. Although this trip was a bust, in terms of cherry blossoms, we still had fun checking out all the lanterns and seeing the town of Yaese. We can’t wait to share our trip to Nago and the cherry blossoms there but for now, thanks for tuning in everyone!


-J.D Teg

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