Nago Cherry Blossoms

On this episode of “Cherry Blossom Hunting” we found our efforts to be a success! On our previous blog post we were on a mission to find Sakuras unfortunately that didn’t go as planned and we found ourselves looking at bare trees. Not all hope was lost though! I was not going to let a busted trip bring us down! We decided we were going to take a little road trip to Nago Castle Park. We were excited and ready for some cherry blossoms, which by the way are actually said to be from Taiwan or China and that’s why they look different from the ones in mainland Japan and the states.

We were off and ready for these beauties! We decided to start in the middle of the park. I know, we’re weird.TEG_3467_Fotor

Success! We found this beautiful tree right away.TEG_3471_FotorTEG_3477_Fotor

I was so happy that the trees were full! This bridge was a lot of fun as well. Especially the floor!TEG_3483_FotorTEG_3491_FotorTEG_3517_Fotor

After we went through the bridge we headed back to the car and made our way higher up the mountain. We were in for an awesome view of the beautiful sakura trees! By the way, I don’t think I mentioned it, but Sakura is Japanese for cherry blossoms.TEG_3556_Fotor2TEG_3558_FotorTEG_3581_Fotor

A sea of pink.TEG_3561_FotorTEG_3597_FotorTEG_3593_FotorTEG_3595_Fotor

After taking a million and a half pictures we headed down to where the festival was taking place! The walkway was beautiful! The sakuras weren’t blooming as much as the ones on the top of the mountain but still it was really nice!TEG_3604_FotorTEG_3605_FotorTEG_3609_FotorTEG_3615_Fotor

Don’t forget to check out the vendor there! They have delicious pastries and other things.TEG_3603_Fotor

I was so happy that this adventure was a success. It just goes to show sometimes things to go as planned but they do workout in the end. It was my first time seeing Sakuras and honestly I was not disappointed here! Things to keep in mind, this is situated on a mountain so driving up to some parts is smart! Also, take yen for the vendors and don’t forget to make a trip to the Subaku for their yummy tea!

A little life update; I’ve been learning more and more Japanese and I learned how to spell Sakura in Japanese, さくら and sakura festival, さくらのきせつ. I also learned how to say it! I’m super excited to be learning the language and I thought why not share a little of what I’ve been doing especially since it relates to the post! Anyway, thanks for tuning in loves!

-J.D Teg

2 responses to “Nago Cherry Blossoms

  1. I am really pleased to see your great photos!
    I live in Nago, Okinawa.
    Your blog is really motivating me, Thank you!


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