Fukushen Park

Tucked away in the middle of busy Naha City we found the beauty that is known as Fukushen Park. I was a bit surprised of its location, it’s a little easy to miss. We had initially read that the entrance was free; its not. It was only ¥200 though, they only accept yen but we didn’t have any and had to drive elsewhere to get some. We lost about 35 minutes just looking for an ATM. Other then that minor setback we parked and were ready to explore!

Fukushen is a Chinese-style courtyard that was built using unique and traditional methods from the region of Fuzhou in China. The Chinese influence can be seen throughout the garden starting with the roof tiles all the way to the last building featuring the traditional Chinese hexagonal roof.

The first thing we saw when we walked in, was the screen wall made of granite and Jusengan Rock. We didn’t realize that views of the waterfall were right behind the screen wall! I would definitely recommend saving the view for last.TEG_2099_FotorTEG_2103_FotorTEG_2117_Fotor

One of my favorite parts of the garden, the twin pagodas, The White and Bird Pagoda. Apparently they are the miniature version of Fuzhou’s Twin Pagodas! I can’t imagine how big the original ones are! They’re actually a little different from each other and we didn’t spot the differences until we got closer.TEG_2131_Fotor The White Pagoda.TEG_2139_FotorTEG_2194_FotorThe Bird Pagoda.TEG_2147_Fotor

In between the pagodas there is the Dong Ye Hall, which features pillars of carved dragons. I actually didnt notice the dragons until we got closer to the building. The pillars were amazing, the intricacy in the dragons faces was phenomenal. TEG_2155_FotorTEG_2166_FotorI was obsessing over the floor.TEG_2178_Fotor

The beautiful Peach Blossom Stream. There are fish in the pond and we fed them for only ¥100!TEG_2237_FotorTEG_2244_FotorTEG_2331_Fotor

These entrances reminded me of hobbit doors! Just me? Ok.TEG_2259_FotorTEG_2265_Fotor

This little bridge had Chinese New Years signs!TEG_2341_FotorMy year; the monkey! Try to figure out how old I am just with that.TEG_2393_Fotor

At the end of the bridge there is the Pavilion of Spring, the round shape of the pavilion embodies the hope for harmony and well roundness. The ceiling was my favorite part; it was amazing!TEG_2378_FotorTEG_2409_Fotor

The highlight of the park was definitely Mount Ye where the waterfall sits!TEG_2502_FotorTEG_2544_Fotor

It was really awesome that we could go in between the rocks and look through the waterfall and see a sideview of the it as well.TEG_2522_FotorTEG_2539_Fotor

Probably the only place we’ve been to that doesn’t have amazing views. Granted, it is in the middle of the city so there isn’t much to look at when we were on the top of the waterfall.TEG_2586_FotorTEG_2630_FotorOne last look before going home.TEG_2665_Fotor

We really enjoyed the park it was fun to see the Chinese influence throughout the park and learn a little about the relationship between The Ryukyu’s and the Fuzhou Chinese. There is so much more to look at from the pictures I shared. These were just highlights for me.

Things to keep in mind; make sure to take enough yen to pay for the entrance and the parking because since it is in Naha most parking isn’t free. Also there is a cute little restaurant right next to the park which smells delicious, not sure if they only accept yen. We didn’t get to go, maybe next time. Don’t forget to go in between the rocks under the waterfall! Thanks for tuning in everyone.

-J.D Teg

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