Sunflower Festival

Okinawa’s a blooming! We’ve been loving the pretty colors all over the island. We decided to take a look at the sunflower festival or, in Japanese, Himawari matsuri. It was a short but sweet trip.TEG_3618_TEG_3625_TEG_3636_

I actually read somewhere that the sunflowers have been having a few rough years with their growth but they were still beautiful. TEG_3630_IMG_4434_

It  was a super quick adventure but across the street form the sunflowers there was a food festival! We got caught up in all the food that we forgot to take pictures.TEG_3679_

The festival was fun and quick but free; definite plus. Not everything goes as planned and we thought we were going to see big and tall sunflowers but hey, we’re only human and can’t avoid some obstacles! Next adventure the Orchid Festival at expo park! Thanks for tuning in everyone to this short blog post.

-J.D Teg

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