Okinawa International Orchid Show

Danny and his surprises, I love them! After wondering where we were going for about 45 minutes we arrived to The Expo Park and I automatically knew why we were there. He decided surprise me by taking me to the Orchid Show at The Tropical Dream Center.

The show is only there for two weeks, this year it was from: Feb. 4 through Sunday, Feb. 12. During the show the dream center has three orchid green houses and there are about 30,000 different flowers to look at! I didn’t even know there were so many different orchids and orchid species. While walking the premises there are different events and seminars to attend such as a seminar on orchid cultivation. We got there too late to do it, sad life. Our adventure awaits!TEG_3694_TEG_3697_

There were some, not all, Chinese New Year zodiac signs. Mine was there! S’cute!TEG_3732_

While walking to the orchid show there are little orchid sculptures lining the walkway. This one was my fave!TEG_3750_

Before getting to the main attraction, the orchids, there is a paper with a quiz about the orchids while walking through the green houses we found the answers. I really suggest picking up this paper it’s a fun! On to the orchids!TEG_3758_TEG_3768_TEG_3781_TEG_3817_This tunnel of flowers was everything! It smelled so good too.TEG_3783_

The Vanda Orchids or the hanging orchids were so cool, I didn’t even know they were a thing. These beauties need 80 percent humidity in order to thrive since they capture moisture from the air. Perfect for Okinawa!TEG_3832_TEG_3842_TEG_3854_TEG_3859_TEG_3869_

While we were walking there were two men in front of us really observing and talking about the orchids. When we reached the overall 1st place winning orchid we found out that he grew the winning orchid plant! We didn’t catch his name but he was kind enough to take a picture in front of his beautiful orchid.TEG_3876_TEG_3886_

At the very end we turned in our little quiz to be put in a drawing to see if we would win something, we didn’t. It was a fun activity though, it kept me on my toes and I learned a lot about the orchids. After all the excitement we finished our round and called it a day.

I only posted pictures of my favorite orchids, I didn’t want to visually overload. If you guys want more pictures please let me know I will be more than happy to upload them on our Flickr! The orchid show was a fun little adventure it took us about two and  half hours to finish. I love orchids they are beautiful but I’m not going to lie it does drag a little towards the end. It was worth it though!

Little side notes for anyone going next year; there are orchid vendors before going inside the Tropical Dream Center they only accept yen, as well as the entrance! The orchids range anywhere from $10-$60 really depending on the size. If you visit the aquarium the same day you get a discounted price for the Tropical Dream Center, I suggest make it an all day thing. Take lunch! There is only one cafe and it gets crazy packed, plus there are areas to have a cute little picnic, that’s if you don’t feel like driving elsewhere. Anyway, thanks for tuning in everyone. Next adventure; Okinawa Food and Flea!

-J.D Teg

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