Okinawa Food & Flea Vol. 10

Did someone say food!? Danny and I were super excited when we found out that there was a food truck festival happening in Okinawa. I mean, who doesn’t love food? Since we are from Southern California food truck festivals go on almost every weekend, we were prepared for some awesome food.

We decided we were going to show up early because we heard it gets crazy packed and from experience we know that the lines and parking can get crazy. The festival started at 12 and we got there 45 minutes beforehand. The parking was already filling up when we arrived. Most vendors were still setting up and they were not open yet.TEG_4301_Fotor

Our first stop; Mermaid Bakery! They were the only ones who were open early and we were ready for some food. Their curry filled bread was delicious.TEG_4304_Fotor

Some of the cute little flea stops.TEG_4331_FotorTEG_4335_Fotor

There was only 15 minutes left until everything opened and we decided to make Captain Kangaroo our first stop. They were only selling the cheesesteak but it was DELICIOUS! TEG_4338_FotorTEG_4343_FotorTEG_4352_Fotor

We made our way to our next stop; BEER! Danny couldn’t have any because he was driving. A flight of beers for myself, oh boy. Fast forward, I was hungover by 8pm, hooray for old age!TEG_4328_FotorTEG_4358_Fotor

Blue Trip, lawd! This was by far my favorite. The meat was so so so good, the bread was nice and crisp and oh my gosh just thinking about it my mouth is watering.TEG_4348_FotorTEG_4365_FotorTEG_4368_Fotor

After we got our food we decided to sit in the grass area and enjoy our food and my beers. Next time, I am definitely taking a blanket or something because it was a perfect setting for a picnic!TEG_4372_FotorTEG_4378_FotorTEG_4387_Fotor

After we watched the Polynesian dancers we decided we could make a few more stops before we exploded. We went over to Koza Beer and got some cow tongue tacos. Now this may sound weird but since we are Mexican cow tongue is normal for us to eat. SO GOOD!TEG_4419TEG_4325_Fotor

Last but not least we went to get some dessert we kept it simple and had some yummy gelato!TEG_4426_FotorTEG_4436_Fotor

There were many other spots we wanted to visit but we were so full! Also, the lines were getting a little crazy so we decided it was time for us to go. I would definitely recommend getting there about 30 minutes before it starts for next years festival. It started at noon and around 1:30 is when we left since the lines were getting out of control. The weather was perfect! Most places accept only yen, some accept dollars and card just take enough yen though. We can’t wait for the next fest! Thanks for tuning in everyone, next stop Bios on the Hill!

5 responses to “Okinawa Food & Flea Vol. 10

  1. Oh cow tongue is good indeed! Its not so strange for Asians!
    It is all rather interesting to see food truck festival in Okinawa, never knew they organized it. Is is a regular thing?


  2. I have been wanting to do the food flea forever now. I’m worried my kids won’t tolerate the lines though.


    • You should definitely go! The place where they hold the event is nice for them to run around in! But the lines aren’t too bad if you go early. The longest we waited was about 10 minutes.


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