Bios on the Hill

Another day, another awesome surprise from Danny. This time he took me to Bios on the Hill. I had no idea where we were going and for a minute it seemed as if we were just driving around aimlessly since it is so hidden. When we arrived I still had no idea where we were. I usually have some sort of an idea but I had never heard of Bios. Nonetheless, I was still excited because Danny always knows what he’s doing.

It was such an awesome place, we got there a little later in the day. But we did a lot considering we only had two hours.TEG_4298_FotorTEG_4049_FotorThe prettiest walkway. TEG_4234_FotorTEG_4047_Fotor

When we got to the entrance there were activities to choose from and depending on the activity we chose that’s basically the entrance payment. We chose the lake tour boat, it was only ¥800 for adults! There was a boat guide explaining things to us in English and Japanese. The only negative thing is they tell jokes in Japanese and we weren’t in on it since we don’t understand, bummer. But the boat guide did let us know that the pond is in a shape of a dragon! TEG_4127_FotorTEG_4051_FotorWater Buffalo!TEG_4057_FotorTEG_4084_Fotor

These purple orchids smelled like chocolate! I’m glad Danny didn’t smell them because I’m almost sure he would’ve ate them because he loves chocolate so much, haha.TEG_4115_FotorTEG_4123_Fotor

There were a lot of roosters just roaming around and they were not aggressive so it’s safe enough for kids to get close to them.TEG_4126_Fotor

The theme throughout the park is dragons and there are dragons EVERYWHERE! They were we least expected them to be, it was really cool and we kept getting surprised by them.TEG_4133_FotorTEG_4137_Fotor

My favorite thing here were the swings! There were really awesome swings throughout the park and I got on every single one I could get on, it’s the kid in me.TEG_4142_FotorTEG_4149_Fotor

We made it to this little play area and it was awesome! We decided to give the stilts a try, FAIL! We didn’t fall so I guess it wasn’t a total fail.TEG_4160_FotorTEG_4202_FotorThe nicest water buffalo ever!TEG_4223_FotorTEG_4242_Fotor

The inside of the building at the very end made it seem as if we were inside a tree. There was little shops in there for ice cream and food. Also, there were tables with puzzles on them, definitely a kid friendly place. It was really cute.TEG_4280_FotorTEG_4275_FotorTEG_4289_Fotor

The whole park was an adventure on its own, it’s so big! There is cafe inside the park and right in front of the play area there is another one. Things to keep in mind, the entrance is ¥900. There are activities that can be added to the entrance price. They all looked like fun but the prices vary. There is a tour on a mini train which costs ¥600 for adults, ¥400 for children. The water buffalo cart tour is ¥900 for adults, ¥600 for children. The canoe/kayak experience ¥1500 for adults, ¥800 for children, it seemed like a lot a fun. Last but not least is the paddle board experience ¥3000 for adults which is the most expensive but every other option is reasonable and worth it.

Bios was such a cool and fun place! We can’t wait to go on more adventures. Stay tuned everyone and thanks for tuning in!

-J.D Teg

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