Cape Manzamo

Elephants hold a very special part of my heart for very personal reasons and that is why I was excited about Cape Manzamo; A cliff shaped like an elephant, with the most incredible views. When we arrived to the cape I couldn’t help but to get a little emotional. The rock formation may not have such an impact on others but it made me remember my aunt. I had a very special relationship with my aunt, she was like a sister and she was my best friend. When she passed two years ago it hit me very hard and I still have a hard time dealing with it. All those emotions came tumbling in when I saw the cliff but it was more happy emotions because I knew she would of loved it if she were still here. I never really get too personal but I enjoyed Cape Manzamo a lot and I wanted to explain why.TEG_5004_Fotor

Manzamo has incredible views! Every angle is very picturesque and makes good for Instagram pictures.TEG_5009_FotorTEG_5010_FotorTEG_5015_Fotor

We drove about five minutes and found a secret little beach. I don’t think its for swimming but it was a cool place. I don’t know what the name is and it was kind of creepy getting to it.TEG_5023_FotorTEG_5018_Fotor

There is no entrance fee to Manzamo and there are little shops on either side before actually getting to the view points that sell clothing, food and knick knacks. There is a lot of parking but there is always a lot of people since it is a tourist attraction. Also, if there is chance pay Paanilani Pancake House a visit its only five minutes away. They have amazing pancakes! I know it was a very short post but hey, sometimes we just have to keep it short and sweet. Thanks for tuning in everyone!

-J.D Teg

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