Ryukyu Mura

I have been suffering blogeritis, the same thing a seniorits, you know when your in the final quarter/semester in college and don’t want to do anything? Yea, me, except I am not in college. I had to get out of my little rut because well c’mon! I am here and ready to share this adventure with you all!

Anyway, we finally, got to visit Ryukyu Mura! We had been passing by the sign for a while and we kept seeing it come up on different blogs. Ryukyu Mura is a theme park that exhibits traditional Okinawan culture and Okinawan village. Super cute! It was only ¥1200 to go into the actual village there is also an audio tour which is ¥1700 but we just went with the regular entrance. Also, there is kimono rentals and people can walk around the village in them. TEG_4856_FotorTEG_4863_Fotor

They had the tug-of-war rope in the little house pictured below. It looked like there was only one side of the rope because I am pretty sure that it wouldn’t fit in there.TEG_4873_FotorTEG_4869_FotorHow pretty is this walkway though!?TEG_4883_FotorTEG_4886_Fotor

We walked into the pathway and came upon this shrine. It was really nice and it only costs ¥100 for a fortune.TEG_4898_Fotor

I read beforehand that if we get a bad fortune we are to tie it onto something, this something being the something pictured below. After a year has passed we are supposed to untie the fortune and get a new one. I got a bad one at Futenma Shrine which I did tie and left it there. I actually got a very good fortune here, which I saved in my wallet. Yay!TEG_4900_Fotor

The village basically had the same looking homes, traditional red tile roof and tatami mats throughout. We thought it was really cool that the homes were moved to Ryukyu Mura; they were real homes at one point! The homes in the village had different activities to do such as indigo dyeing, a little cafe and some just showcased examples of what the home may have looked like when someone was actually living in it.TEG_4902_FotorSelfie time!

We were there in perfect time because a little show started right when we got to the designated area. They sung traditional Okinawan songs and had us sing along. Unfortunately, I only knew about 25% of what they were singing but I still sang the few words that they gave us to sing.

The next stop was the Habu Center. They apparently show a Habu but when we went they didn’t have one to show, bummer.TEG_4944_Fotor

When we got back from the center we walked into another show! This time two women were dancing to traditional Okinawan music. They actually had us join in and I had so much fun that I was upset Danny didn’t get a picture of me in my dancing bliss, haha.TEG_4958_Fotor

After the show was over we headed to the little shop where they sell ice cream, pancakes and juices. I had sugar cane juice, it was so good! It made me reminisce about my childhood since my grandma used to have sugar cane a lot and we would just eat it raw. Ah good ol’ childhood. Anyway, after the delicious juice we headed to the exit and saw some cool displays.TEG_4931_Fotor

There is a little pottery shop before actually exiting the village. We had to hold back because we love the pottery!TEG_4968_FotorTEG_4969_Fotor

We had fun checking out the village and learning more about Okinawa. It was a really fun place to check out and definitely worth a visit. They only accept yen throughout the park so be sure to take enough for the trip. We can’t wait for our next adventure. Thanks for tuning in everyone.

-J.D Teg

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