The Heart of Chichen

I know, I know its been two weeks since my last post but its been a hectic two weeks. First, Danny got sick which ended with me getting sick. I mean who wants to edit and write when they’re dying slowly? I have been super busy with planning our trip as well from booking flights, to booking a place to stay and making an itinerary, I’ve been caught up. But I wanted to post before we went on our trip because we will be gone for two weeks and I will not be posting blogs while I’m on vacation, but do follow our Instagram to see our travel adventures! I will not be saying where we are going you will all have to find out when we get there. Just know we will be traveling to two different locations! Now that I’ve updated you all on my life, let’s get on with the Heart of Chichen.

We had nothing to do so we decided to go down to Nanjo and do some adventuring. As you can all probably tell this trip was a few weeks back because the beach was not open yet and we weren’t allowed in the water. Yea, thats a thing out here since the waters are unpredictable. Anyway, we started by going to the Chichen Ruins.TEG_4507_FotorTEG_4517_FotorTEG_4530_Fotor

The ruins were much smaller than the ones we have previously gone to. But it was still cool to find more ruins and the views were phenomenal, as always.TEG_4534_FotorCrazy to see shells all the way up there!TEG_4537_FotorTEG_4540_FotorTEG_4545_Fotor

Danny and I followed the sings to the tomb for Lord Chichen unfortunately we found ourselves looking at a trail that wasn’t a trail. I was not willing to go into it because well I wasn’t ready to get lost. I know there are a lot of places that are similar to this but I ain’t with getting lost, haha. Maybe, it was just me because Danny wanted to go deeper into the “trail,” but you guys tell me if the picture below resembles a trail or not.TEG_4553_Fotor

After we, I, decided not to go into the not so trail, trail we made our way back to the ruins.TEG_4555_FotorTEG_4562_FotorTEG_4564_FotorTEG_4569_Fotor

It was a quick little tour and we decided to make another stop since we drove all the way to Nanjo. We made our way to Chichen Cape Park after our ruins adventure. It is such a nice park and a cool place to just chill and enjoy the views of the beach. TEG_4570_FotorTEG_4584_Fotor

Our last stop for the day was Sun Sun Beach a short five minute drive from the park. The beach was closed for swimming as well as the shops around but it was a cool beach to roam around and collect some shells. I can’t imagine how popping it is in the summer, yes I said popping, haha.TEG_4587_FotorTEG_4589_FotorTEG_4597_Fotor

Even though we weren’t allowed in the water I dipped my toes in the water because well why not!?TEG_4608_Fotor

Our little unplanned trip to Nanjo turned out to be a lot of fun. Sometimes spontaneity is all you need. Thanks for tuning in everyone and don’t forget to follow our Instagram to stay updated with our travel for the next two weeks. Hope you all enjoyed the post.


-J. Teg

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