Day I Tokyo: Hachiko & Shibuya Crossing

We are finally back from our amazing vacation. It was dope but we are so happy to be home with our puppers and relaxing at home. On to our vacation!

Finally! The day had come to visit Tokyo it was a long awaited trip. We were trying to go back in March but life happens. We have bills to pay and Danny is the only one working so as you can guess we can’t travel as much as we’d wish to. But we are grateful that we even get to live in Okinawa! We are truly blessed.

Once we arrived to Narita Airport we headed to the Narita Express Train. Since it was our first visit we accidentally got on the wrong train. I was so upset because I knew deep down inside that that wasn’t the train but still went on, dumb. When will I listen to my gut feeling!? We got off on the next stop and made our way back to the airport. I was so grateful that there was no hassle in changing our tickets. After the nonsense we got on the correct train, yay!TEG_5375_Fotor

We arrived to our Air BNB and it was in a quiet residential area in Shinjuku. We got situated and took showers to get the airport smell off of us and headed out to explore!

The view from our room.TEG_5381_Fotor

We really wanted to go to hooters because some American stuff sounded really good and we had not eaten in a while, well it was game night and they were only selling alcohol. Off to the next! We went to this spot were we thought they sold burgers but we didn’t read the sign that mentioned it was only for lunch. We ended buying a pizza and some alcoholic drinks. The pizza was basically a tortilla and really small and since I was so hungry I ate it all in two minutes. It had been a rough few hours but we weren’t going to let all the negative ruin our awesome trip.DSC_5405_Fotor

Off we went to our next venture! We ended up at this cute little cafe that was advertising pasta and wine, SOLD. We were not disappointed and I tore up a margherita pizza, needless to say I was so happy after that meal.DSC_5413_Fotor

It was seven already but Danny and I wanted more adventure even though we were dying from no sleep. We took the subway to Hachiko Square. We got there and I was filled with emotion. Honestly I’m such a baby, I almost cried. It’s a beautiful story and I couldn’t handle myself, haha. It wasn’t too busy and we took a few pictures of Hachi.DSC_5425_Fotor

Only a few steps away from Hachi we stepped into the Shibuya Crossing. It was so BUSY! It is known as the worlds busiest crosswalk and I could see why! There were so many people crossing and even people stopping to take pictures, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!DSC_5429_FotorDSC_5436_Fotor

We saw a sign for a British pub and went over, had a beer and walked the rest of the Shibuya area. It was really cool there were so many little shops with different things and a lot of bars as well. I realized it was nine already and we had a very busy next day ahead so we made it on over to our BNB. It was a great first day. There were some misses but hey what’s a trip without getting lost, isn’t that part of the fun? Stayed tuned for day two of our Tokyo Adventure!

Do you guys know the story of Hachiko?

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