Day II Tokyo: Tokyo Disneyland

As most of you know I LOVE Disneyland. I had my pass for a few years before moving to Okinawa and I went at least three to four times a month. You may guess I was super excited to go to Tokyo Disneyland, ecstatic would be the word! We were supposed to get there a little before the park opened but we were so tired from the flight the day before that we woke up a little later than expected. But better late than never and we made our way to the subway around 8:00am. We quickly realized that it wasn’t such a good idea. The subway was jammed packed! Everyone was trying to get to school and work. But we squeezed our way into the crowd, literally, and made our way to Disney!DSC_5451_FotorThe entrance before the entrance!DSC_5454_Fotor

We walked into a beautiful entrance. The shops were under what looked like a pavilion but it was amazing. I almost cried, ok I did get a little teary eyed. It was a mixture of excitement and an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness; I never thought I would be able to say I went to Tokyo Disneyland.DSC_5463_Fotor

First thing’s first I needed a churro before heading to any rides. They had “light saber” churros with melon sugar! I love melon anything I was the most excited.DSC_5469_Fotor

We stopped by to see the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall. I had read about the place beforehand and when I found it it did not disappoint, it was so nice inside. If you are an Alice in Wonderland fan I suggest checking this place out!DSC_5472_Fotor DSC_5474_FotorDSC_5481_Fotor

After all the walking we saw that there was only a twenty-minute wait for Haunted Mansion and it was actually a little different than the one in California. Obviously, it was in Japanese but the inside had some differences. We couldn’t take pictures because we would have to use the flash and flash photography isn’t allowed.DSC_5486_Fotor

How cute are these little eggs!?DSC_5492_Fotor

We were a little hungry and ate some waffle sandwiches. They were so good! We made our way back to the castle because was it really a Disney visit without a signature castle picture? Yes, the castle in Tokyo Disney is Cinderella’s.DSC_5513_FotorDSC_5518_FotorDSC_5519_Fotor

Amazing mosaics!DSC_5526_FotorDSC_5530_Fotor

The inside of the castle was super cute. There was a 20-minute wait, forewarning for anyone thinking of going inside. I thought it was worth it because the inside was cute!DSC_5544_FotorDSC_5549_FotorDSC_5552_Fotor

Jaq and Gus!DSC_5562_Fotor

Right next to the castle is Snow White’s Grotto, s’cute! 

I quickly realized that this park was almost the same as California’s Disneyland. Danny and I decided that we wanted to view shows and parades more than go on rides because well we already rode the same rides in California. First up was Happiness is Here! I loved the parade so much it was such fun!DSC_5577_FotorDSC_5594_FotorDSC_5625_FotorDSC_5728_FotorDonald!DSC_5743_FotorDSC_5761_FotorMike melon bread!DSC_5779_Fotor

Right after the parade we grabbed some food and went over to Minnie Oh Minnie! The show is all in Spanish and is Latin American inspired. The costumes were probably my favorite part of the show. The music and singing was so cute! Everyone should check it out even if you don’t speak Spanish you’ll enjoy it and have fun.DSC_5805_FotorDSC_5917_FotorDSC_6023_FotorMore eggs Mike and Sully.DSC_6030_Fotor

When the show ended we realized there was another show. We power walked our way to One Man’s Dream II. Just for future reference for anyone going to see this show you will have to get there at least an hour early because most of the seating is reserved and there is a standby entrance which only allows a certain amount of people in.DSC_6037_FotorDSC_6057_FotorDSC_6069_FotorSo lavish!DSC_6197_Fotor

The show ended and I knew I wasn’t going to miss the Electrical Parade we headed to the front of the park to get a seat. It was an hour and a half before the show so Danny brought us burgers to our sitting area because I really wasn’t about to miss the parade.DSC_6233_Fotor

Dream Lights Tokyo Electrical Parade was magical. It was so beautiful I’m really glad I sat in a good viewing area. It was a little hard to get good photos because it was dark but we got a few good shots.DSC_6245_FotorDSC_6263_FotorDSC_6302_FotorDSC_6341_FotorDSC_6377_FotorDSC_6384_FotorDSC_6462_Fotor

We didn’t stay for the fireworks because we were so tired and I was cold but I did hear that they were canceled because of the wind. All in all, we had such a good time at Disney. I’m not going to lie I was a little disappointed because 1. A lot of areas were closed for refurbishments 2. I was expecting more. I had heard so many good things about Tokyo Disney and I guess I my expectations were too high. I’m not saying it wasn’t magical but that little spark was missing.

BUT the food was definitely the highlight! Everything we had was DELICIOUS. They don’t mess around with their snacks and food. The shows were really good and the parades were a lot better than California’s. If I have any suggestions for my California people who love Disney do what I did and view the shows and parades and explore the park because the rides are the same. I am glad we did visit the park though because I now only need three more parks and I’ll be able to say I’ve visited all the Disney Parks, woohoo!

I am so happy I had the chance to visit Tokyo Disney have any of you visited the park before? If so, what were you’re thoughts?

5 responses to “Day II Tokyo: Tokyo Disneyland

  1. I went over 10 years ago and had a great time. Highlights for me were the Tiki Room and all of the gift shops. They had a much better selection of souvenirs. Did you have a chance to check out Disney Sea? I ended up enjoying that park more since the Disneyland park is pretty much the same as the one in California.


    • I totally agree about the souvenirs! They’re much better and much cuter. Yes! I LOVED DisneySea I thought it was beautiful! I agree, I totally enjoyed DisneySea much more because of that. DisneySea I think is the best park so far!

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