Day III Tokyo: DisneySea

I had heard so many great things about Tokyo DisneySea and stuff kept coming up on my Facebook, I was so excited for day two of Disney filled adventures. We woke up extra early to beat the morning craziness. We arrived at the train stop and took the tram there. It surprised me that we had to pay to be transported to DisneySea but then again, was I really? It’s Disney!DSC_6497_Fotor

Anyhow, we arrived to the main entrance and I could already tell I was in for a treat with this park. It was BEAUTIFUL!DSC_6510_Fotor

I really wanted to ride Journey to the Center of the Earth before anything so we basically ran to Mysterious Land because I previously read the lines to the ride go over an hour later in the day and I really didn’t want to wait that long. We got super lucky there was only a twenty-minute wait, yay! Unfortunately, we didn’t take pictures of the ride or its location because we were too excited. Ugh our excitement takes over yet again!

All the excitement worked up our appetites we rode the Electric Railway to get to American Waterfront faster because the park is HUGE! When we got off the train it felt as if we were in old New York or something. We were transported, the music was different the buildings were different and there were old 50’s cars driving people around, so cute!DSC_6531_FotorDSC_6607_FotorDSC_6602_Fotor

Tower of Terror! You can’t pay me enough money to get on free fall rides, I passed.DSC_6605_Fotor

We had some food at New York Deli and it was delicious.DSC_6529_FotorWhat’s a trip without a beer at 10am?DSC_6525_Fotor

A little walks away… We were welcomed by sounds of Italian music we were transported yet again but this time to Venice. I could not believe how much it seemed like we were in Italy it was mesmerizing.DSC_6537_FotorDSC_6533_FotorDSC_6581_Fotor

The Venetian Gondolas were on top things I wanted to do. I was so happy that there was only a twenty-minute wait. Ah, the romance was in the air, not really but imagine haha. It was really nice to relax and listen to the cast members sing and teach us a few words in Italian!DSC_6577_FotorDSC_6572_FotorDSC_6562_Fotor

I REALLY REALLY wanted to see Big Band Beat but the only way to get in is through a lottery. If you get lucky enough you win tickets and guess what!? It was our lucky day we won tickets! One of the cast members was super excited he woo’d with me, haha. Actually, I was feeling super unlucky because they told me the Donald Duck popcorn souvenirs were sold out. It just goes to show that Disney is full of magic.DSC_6595_Fotor

It was such an amazing show! It really felt as if we were watching a Broadway show but with Disney characters included. We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the show but if you all get the chance to go to DisneySea please try your luck for this show it’s amazing! Also, it’s all in English.DSC_6599_FotorDSC_6612_Fotor

We took another look at Mysterious Land since we just ran there and rode Journey to the Center of the Earth. It truly is the most mysterious land in the park. I say this because there was a medieval theme on one side of the mountain and on the other side it was water themed, a little confusing. Nonetheless, we still had fun exploring.DSC_6651_FotorDSC_6668_FotorDSC_6655_FotorDay drinking at when adventuring around Disney is a must.DSC_6691_FotorDSC_6700_FotorDSC_6703_Fotor

Next stop Mermaid Lagoon! This was one of the many highlights of the park. It is such an amazing part of the park. The outside reminded me of Ariels Grotto in Disney California Adventure but it puts the ride there and the grotto to shame. It was so beautiful!DSC_6714_FotorDSC_6709_FotorDSC_6711_Fotor

I thought the inside, King Triton’s Kingdom, was just going to be a restaurant or something but I was taken aback by how amazing the inside was. It was like we literally stepped into an underwater amusement park. It was breathtaking. This was probably my favorite place in the whole park.DSC_6730_FotorDSC_6736_Fotor

Arabian Coast was amazing as well. Just a tip to Disney, change the name to Agrabah it just fits so well because Aladdin, haha.DSC_6775_FotorDSC_6776_FotorDSC_6783_FotorDSC_6785_Fotor

I think the highlight of the Arabian Coast was definitely the curry popcorn. It was so good! The best popcorn I have ever had, truly. I settled for the Mickey popcorn souvenir but I will return for you Donald!DSC_6790_Fotor

All the excitement from Mermaid Lagoon and Arabian Coast really worked up an appetite, again, we headed back to Mediterranean Harbor because we saw a pasta restaurant and I LOVE pasta and had to have some. Zambini Brothers Restorante was so good and they sold wine! I was sold!DSC_6795_Fotor

We did more exploring and realized we had not visited Port Discovery. We scurried on over to see if there were any rides that were worth our wait and Aquatopia only had a five minute wait, score! So fun! I’m pretty sure I was laughing through the whole ride.DSC_6841_FotorDSC_6842_Fotor
More exploring, some alcohol and more food of course.

It was an hour and a half before Fantasmic and I really wanted to get good seats so back we went to Mediterranean Coast. We got our seats and Danny went to go get us tomato basil popcorn and some dessert. While writing this I just realized we ate more than anything, haha.

Finally Fantasmic!DSC_6880_FotorDSC_6903_FotorDSC_7021_FotorDSC_7044_FotorDSC_7148_Fotor

I definitely think that this Fantasmic was WAY better than the one in California. I know I know I keep referencing back to California’s Disney but it’s because a lot of my readers are from there and I know that park and the shows like the back of my hand, oh look a mole, haha.DSC_7171_Fotor

I had the best time in Tokyo DisneySea and for once in his life Danny was happy to be at Disneyland, haha. I was glad he enjoyed the park just as much as I did because he’s not a big fan of Disney. They honestly have the best food as well and out of all the parks I’ve been to Walt Disney World, Disneyland California Resort, California Adventure and now Tokyo Disneyland Resort I would say that Tokyo DisneySea is the best one!

Anyway, I can’t wait to go back, eventually, and spend two days in DisneySea. Honestly, I even feel like two days is not enough to finish the park. I’m pretty sure we missed a few things. I would definitely recommend to try and spend two days just at Disney Sea its a massive park one day isn’t enough. We decided that for our next trip we would do just two days there and skip Tokyo Disneyland. Also, this Disney blog really helped us with prioritizing our trip. Check them out for your next trip! Thanks for tuning in everyone.

Have any of you been to Tokyo Disney Sea? Wasn’t it amazing!?

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