Tokyo Day IV: Sensoji Temple

And we are back on day four of our fabulous Tokyo adventure on to our next stop, Sensoji Temple, the oldest Buddhist Temple in Tokyo. I REALLY wanted to visit Sensoji from seeing pictures on the Internet and seeing other bloggers post about it; I was ready to experience it myself. We had to take another subway ride from Meiji to Sensoji about a 20-minute ride. It was actually a little confusing. The subway seemed to get the best of us everyday, haha. But we made it!

When we got off the subway we only walked about 2 minutes and were met by the Kaminarimon Gate and it was packed! On the front of the gate, the statues of the Shinto gods Fūjin, the god of wind and Raijin, the god of thunder stand on either side of the gate. The huge lantern or chōchin is hung in the middle of the gate and the inside of the lantern is beautiful! When I was standing under it I couldn’t stop looking up.DSC_7255_FotorDSC_7262_FotorDSC_7268_FotorDSC_7260_Fotor

After taking a million and a half pictures of the gate we moved into the infamous Nakamise street, an over 200 meter-shopping street. There weren’t too many people in comparison to pictures we’ve seen. We walked into some stores and each store had something different there were vendors selling souvenirs others selling kimonos and of course some selling food.DSC_7269_FotorWe could see the skytree from the street!DSC_7278_FotorDSC_7282_Fotor

The Hozomon Gate then met us. The Hozomon is a two-story gate with the second story holding many of Sensoji’s treasures.DSC_7285_Fotor

Finally we were in the main hall. There was so much going on everywhere but it was so beautiful. I got lost in my thoughts a bit and then found myself being brought back by the sounds of Omikuji box being shaken. I got out of my trance and saw the most beautiful pagoda I’ve seen to date. Unfortunately the inside is not open to the public but the beauty of the outside was enough for me, it was truly breathtaking.DSC_7292_FotorDSC_7302_Fotor

We walked the main hall to the incense burner. The incense burner is called Jokoro and the smoke coming from it is believed to purify the body. I followed what others where doing and waved the smoke to my head.DSC_7317_FotorDSC_7318_FotorDSC_7320_Fotor

We finally made it to the actual inside of the temple and it was very beautiful. We took two pictures. It was a little dark for the camera to focus and we didn’t want to use flash because we didn’t want to be rude. It truly was magnificent though.DSC_7328_FotorDSC_7335_FotorDSC_7339_Fotor

We walked around the grounds and there were many Buddha’s throughout the grounds.DSC_7342_FotorDSC_7343_Fotor

After we explored everything in Sensoji we walked around and found a Don Quijote and a little shopping center. We had dinner at some random little place, there are plenty of restaurants within the area, and made our way back home. It was truly a wonderful fourth day in Tokyo.DSC_7348_FotorDSC_7349_FotorDSC_7354_Fotor

We really enjoyed learning about the different shrines in Tokyo and I know we have much more to look at but honestly day four of Tokyo adventure could not have been more incredible. Stay tuned for the final day of our Tokyo vacation; Akihabara.

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