Tokyo Day V: Akihabara The Anime Capital

On our last day of Tokyo we decided to visit Akihabara, The Anime Capital. Danny was super excited because he likes anime a lot and has watched it since he was a kid. I was excited but I don’t think I was as excited as Danny was, haha. After we got lost, yet again, in the Subway we made it!DSC_7379_Fotor

I really wanted to make Danny’s dreams come true and we made our way to the line for the Gundam Café. Fortunately there was a very short line! It was our lucky day. While in line we were speaking in Spanish and met a chef from Mexico! We sat with him for lunch and talked about anime’s and obviously Gundam, I have never seen Gundam before so I just sat there and listened.DSC_7365_FotorDSC_7371_Fotor

These shot glasses came with the food Danny bought. He got suckered in, haha.DSC_7374_FotorDSC_7375_FotorDSC_7376_FotorDSC_7377_Fotor

After we ate our new friend offered to show us around Akihabara and show us places that we would not see otherwise. We visited The Final Fantasy Café but unfortunately we didn’t have a reservation and we didn’t get to experience it. Our friend told us that it’s beautiful and the food is good as well so if you’re a fan he highly recommends making reservation!DSC_7387_FotorDSC_7393_Fotor

Akihabara is exactly how you’d imagine, Sega arcades, figurine shops everywhere and maid café’s.DSC_7380_FotorDSC_7385_Fotor

We didn’t go into the maid café but we did go into a Ninja café and it was the funniest, and a little awkward, experience we ever had. I would say if you don’t feel comfortable with going into a maid café then try the other themes, we weren’t allowed to take pictures but I don’t think Danny and I will ever forget it, haha.DSC_7382_Fotor

I think our favorite place was this little hidden gem with early 90’s and early 2000 games and game consoles. It made Danny and I reminisce about our childhood.DSC_7401_Fotor

There were a few sex shops and we thought it was hilarious that we could see sex toys and costumes from the windows. Some were five stories tall; I didn’t know that much sex stuff existed, haha. We didn’t go into any of them; we knew we would feel a little awkward walking out of one.DSC_7396_FotorDSC_7398_Fotor

We had made plans to go to the Tokyo Skytree after exploring Akihabara but we were having so much fun that the time kind of slipped away. But that just gives us an excuse to go back to Tokyo and explore more of the beautiful city and maybe by the second time there we’ll have the subway system figured out. I know, this was a rather short post but I guess it’s a good transition for our next destination.

Our five-day vacation in Tokyo was everything I expected and more. I hope you all enjoyed our vacation and felt as if you went with us! Danny and I fell in love with Tokyo and we agreed that when we retire we’re moving there or buying a vacation house, dreams. Thanks for tuning in everyone. Next stop Cebu, Philippines!

4 responses to “Tokyo Day V: Akihabara The Anime Capital

    • I could not find the Owl Cafe for the life of me. I was extremely sad because I REALLY wanted to go. But It just gives an excuse to visit again!


  1. I need to take my husband there!! We’re both anime lovers, but he’s obsessed, lol! It looks like such a fun place to spend hours and hours at.


    • Same with Danny! He’s obsessed, haha. We were there from 11am until 9pm so yea you kind of get lost in it all. It’s so cool!


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