Cebu Day I: Pescador Island Hopping

Our Tokyo trip has come to a close but the vacation is not over, our next stop; Cebu, The Philippines. Cebu is located 365 miles south of Manila, the capital of Philippines. The province belongs to the country’s Central Visayas Region. We decided to do Cebu instead of Manila because we wanted to relax after Tokyo. After a 4.5-hour flight we had made it to the Philipines! Upon arrival there were A BUNCH of taxi’s waiting. There was a choice between a yellow plate and a white plate. Yellow plate is airport ran and more expensive than the white plate taxi’s. We went with the white plate without even knowing and the fare was only $4.00 for 6.5 miles, from the airport to our BNB! We arrived pretty late that night and were ready for a shower and some sleeeeeeep!

We took day one slow and just went to the market for food and the mall just to get a feel of where we were staying. As for day two, we were so ready for our adventure! A private car picked us up at 5am and we were on our way to our destination. We were a little nervous because I booked the tour online and we were on the road for about two hours before reaching our destination. When we arrived, Danny and I were ready to run, haha, we were in front a house in the middle of nowhere, or so it felt that way. Our driver was kind enough to take us to grab some lunch and while we were walking we saw resorts on the road so we knew we were good.DSC_7406_FotorDSC_7416_FotorDSC_7476_Fotor

After lunch we went back to the house and made our way to our private tour. Our tour guide brought his kids along to help him steer the boat and other things; they were so nice! It took about 30 minutes to get to the first island. They helped us put on our snorkels and life vests and within 2 minutes we were in the water snorkeling!DSC_7404_FotorDSC_7448_Fotor

It was so beautiful the water was extremely clear and the kids were swimming with us making sure we were ok and making sure we weren’t missing any of the views. I am already weary about snorkeling because I cringe at the thought of a fish touching me, haha. Well we were snorkeling and I was face to face with a jellyfish. Not a very fun thing to happen especially when I was enjoying the snorkeling so much. I started making my way back to the boat because I wasn’t about to get stung and one of the kids was kind enough to follow me and help me into the boat, seriously they were so considerate. I was glad they came along because they kept Danny company while I was on the boat.DSC_7437_FotorI took that picture^ its so bad haha.DSC_7451_Fotor

After about an hour of snorkeling and just enjoying the views we were on our way to Pescador Island.DSC_7484_Fotor

The kids were super excited about this one! As soon as we got to our destination the youngest one kept telling us about all the fish. We looked into the water from the boat and we could see the schools of fish! It was so cool. After my jellyfish encounter I decided to sit this one out but Danny went ahead and snorkeled with the kids. He said that the way the fish stayed together reminded him of the E.A.C from Finding Nemo. We were super upset at this point about forgetting our GoPro’s charger but we were living in the moment.DSC_7489_FotorDSC_7499_FotorDSC_7504_FotorOne of our friends on the boat(:

We only stayed there for 30 minutes and our next stop was Turtle Point.DSC_7560_FotorDSC_7563_Fotor

As we were pulling up the kids pointed at a turtle surfacing, OH MY GOSH, it was so big! It was beautiful! I was too excited and knew I could not miss this. I put on my snorkel and I was ready for some turtles. There were about five turtles but we followed the biggest one. The turtle was probably half my size; I am 5’1 or 61 inches. They were so beautiful. We weren’t allowed to touch them but just being able to swim with such a magnificent creature was enough for me. I still wish our GoPro wasn’t dead at the time because we were inches away from the turtle and to have a memory like that saved would’ve been awesome. But again, we were living in the moment and taking it all in.DSC_7582_Fotor

I didn’t want to get out of the water because the turtles were amazing but we had one more stop before heading home and we didn’t want to get home too late. I got out of the water reluctantly but ready for the next stop.DSC_7597_Fotor

I know I know there are just photos of the ocean and different spots I wish our GoPro wasn’t dead for our trip but things happen. Lesson learned MAKE A BETTER TRAVEL LIST! But it really was such an awesome first half of our day and we did so much that I am going to save our last stop for the next post. I think it deserves a post on its own anyway. I hope you guys enjoyed the first half of day one! Stay tuned for the second half of the day; Kawasan Falls.

Have any of you been Island Hopping in Cebu? What was your experience?

8 responses to “Cebu Day I: Pescador Island Hopping

  1. Omg I feel you about snorkeling and having fish touch me, lol!! I always say “out of sight, out of mind” and don’t mind swimming around.. but cannot handle the thought of fish near me!

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    • Hahaha right? I thought I was the only one. Im not scared of them its just the thought of them touching me freaks me tf out haha Most of the fish were just swimming next to us or trying to get away from us so it was a good one haha


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