Cebu Day II: Kawasan Falls

A little ways down the road to the second half of our day one adventure… After a 20 minute boat ride to the port and a 30-minute car ride we arrived to the front entrance of Kawasan Falls. I had been looking forward to this for so long! After seeing so many pictures online about the icy Gatorade blue water I was ready!DSC_7607_Fotor

While on our hike to the falls the water was already looking incredible.DSC_7623_Fotor

It was a pretty easy hike to the falls. While on the way there was stands selling water, food and nick nacks. Also, for people who want more adventure you can get to the falls by canyoneering. I was not up for it because I don’t think I am that adventurous, haha. But out tour guide explained how awesome it is and I think if we ever go back I MIGHT do it, haha.DSC_7616_FotorDSC_7633_Fotor

I still can’t get over the color of the water. DSC_7644_FotorDSC_7663_FotorDSC_7670_Fotor

It was amazing that we could see the falls before getting there! I couldn’t contain my excitement!DSC_7675_Fotor

We finally got the first waterfall and it was beautiful! It really looked like the pictures!DSC_7680_FotorDSC_7681_Fotor

I saw so many pictures of people on bamboo rafts and it was only $10 to rent it but there was a LONG line so we decided to skip it.DSC_7687_Fotor

There is more than one waterfall and we hiked up to the other two and WOW even though they were smaller they were still so beautiful!DSC_7701_FotorDSC_7695_FotorDSC_7704_Fotor

We took a dip in the water and it was FREEZING! The water was extremely heavy when swimming as well. But it was so worth it! I almost got frostbite but I am so happy I went in, haha. As for the water up close and personal, it’s actually really clear!DSC_7721_FotorDSC_7724_Fotor

Kawasan Falls was included in our tour with Pescador Island so we didn’t have to worry about transportation there. I did read in some blogs that there are other ways to get there but I wouldn’t know how. I believe some taxis will take you but booking it with Pescador Island was the easiest way for us.

Kawasan Falls was absolutely breathtaking and so worth the two-hour drive through the jungle. I can’t wait to share the rest of our trip with you all. Stay tuned for our next adventure: Mactan Island Hopping.

Is Kawasan Falls in your bucket list?

2 responses to “Cebu Day II: Kawasan Falls

    • It actually looks like that! You know sometimes you see something online and you actually go and it’s not what it looked like in the pictures? Well this isn’t the case it really looks that blue! It’s so cool.


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