Cebu Day III: Mactan Island Hopping

Another day another Island Hopping adventure but this time Mactan Island Chain was calling our name. We were so happy that we didn’t have to wake up too early. Our private car arrived at 7 a.m. and I’d love to say I remember the car ride, it was only thirty minutes away, but I fell asleep. Traveling is tiring guys, haha. When we got there we met the people that were going to take us to the islands. Even though we had a little hiccup with the boat, it wouldn’t turn on, they acted very quickly and we jumped to another boat and were on our way to the first island.

Our first stop was Hiluatanga Island just a 30 minute boat ride. The island is part of the Mactan Island chain and is also a marine life protected area. We got our snorkeling gear on and went in. The water was actually pretty cold since we were in the deep end but it was beautiful! There was a school of fish following us for food. It was really cool; again, I wish our GoPro wasn’t dead, sigh.DSC_7739_Fotor

After we snorkeled for about 45 minutes we got back into the boat not after struggling with the current though. I was wearing a life vest and I was trying to swim against the current. I was stuck in the same spot for about 5 minutes. It was really strong but I finally made it back to the boat out of breath and dead.DSC_7743_FotorDSC_7741_Fotor

It was really awesome when we got back on the boat there was a man that came from the island and asked us if we wanted some fresh caught seafood and beer. Of course we said yes! He caught different shellfish and we chose which ones we wanted and also the way we wanted them cooked. We ordered a Red Horse and some delicious coconut water. After 20 minutes he came back in his little boat with the food and drinks; the food was DELICIOUS!DSC_7761_FotorDSC_7763_Fotor

After we finished our food we headed to the next island; Caohagan Island. As we were approaching the island I could see the amazing water. It went from dark blue to beautiful sky blue water!DSC_7782_FotorDSC_7796_FotorDSC_7801_Fotor

The island itself was very small and there are only a few hundred people who live there and live in small huts. The inhabitants consist of fisherman and women who make their own items. It was really interesting to see their lifestyle and how simple they live.DSC_7806_FotorDSC_7807_FotorDSC_7818_FotorDSC_7820_Fotor

We actually got to swim in the amazing water, no snorkeling this time.DSC_7822_FotorDSC_7839_FotorI stay being extra, haha.DSC_7891_FotorAmazing water!DSC_7906_Fotor

After our swim and some very extra picture taking we were back on the boat and on our way to the last island; Nalusuan Island. It is a man made island and a resort. The resort has cottages built on top of stilts, which looked really awesome when we were approaching the island. We explored the island while they got our lunch ready.DSC_7922_FotorDSC_7927_FotorDSC_7931_FotorDSC_7938_FotorExtra part 2.DSC_7942_FotorDSC_7972_Fotor

Lunch was DELICIOUS. Very Instagram worthy, haha.DSC_7964_Fotor

After lunch we put on our snorkel gear one last time and jumped into the water. I don’t think I have ever seen so many fish in one spot! I only went snorkeling for 10 minutes because of my weariness towards the fish. There were SO MANY!!! I couldn’t handle it, haha.DSC_7979_FotorDSC_7993_FotorDSC_7997_Fotor

After snorkeling we made went back to the boat and headed back to the dock. Danny and I had such an amazing time island hopping and getting to know the locals in Caohagan Island. It was an awesome tour and we actually cant wait to go back and go island hopping to other beautiful islands. I am sorry it took so long for this post we had guest and I didn’t have time to edit or write. Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoyed the post and I am sad our vacation posts are coming to an end. Thanks for tuning in everyone!

Please enjoy this video of our adventures in Cebu. Including Pescador Island Hopping and Kawasan Falls.

What islands in the Philippines have you all visited?

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