Cebu Day IV: Historical Walking Tour

Island hopping for two days in a row was brutal. I wanted to visit surrounding places and I knew that Filipinos are very religious. I looked up some places around were we stayed and I found a website to help us with a walking tour! I was really excited for the whole thing! I read up on the places we were going to visit and they were all historical places, I couldn’t wait to learn something new about Cebu!

First stop Fort San Pedro! With an entrance fee of PHP 30, 58 cents, we were surprised and headed into the fort.DSC_8098_Fotor

Fort San Pedro is the oldest and smallest fort in Cebu. The Spanish started building the fort in 1565 as a military defense structure.DSC_8015_FotorDSC_8021_FotorDSC_8025_FotorDSC_8026_Fotor

Even though the fort was pretty small we still enjoyed walking around and learning about it.DSC_8028_FotorDSC_8041_FotorDSC_8042_FotorDSC_8043_FotorDSC_8046_FotorA small butterfly garden.DSC_8053_FotorDSC_8061_FotorDSC_8062_FotorDSC_8075_FotorDSC_8079_FotorDSC_8086_Fotor

After walking the fort grounds we explored the little park area. It was really ncie and had some historical statues. Cebu is ust rich with history!DSC_8087_FotorDSC_8044_Fotor

Just a quick tip if you are buying water get them from the vendors outside they’re cheaper than the waters they sell inside the fort.DSC_8103_Fotor

We headed over to Magellan’s cross, only a 5-minute walk. It was a really short walk but it was so humid Danny and I had to make a pit stop at McDonalds for some refreshments. We actually stared rethinking the walking tour because we were sweating up a storm. You’d think we’d be used to the humidity because we live in Okinawa but nah fam.

After we took a break we walked to Magellan’s cross. It was beautiful! You can light a candle and pray under the beauty of the cross.DSC_8106_FotorDSC_8107_FotorDSC_8108_Fotor

We took it all in and walked into the Basilica del Santo Niño grounds and wow. That’s all I can say. It was just beautiful. I felt a sort of overcoming when I was walking the grounds.DSC_8112_FotorDSC_8117_FotorDSC_8119_Fotor

What was even more interesting and beautiful is that even the tourist police working worship while they’re working.DSC_8121_FotorDSC_8122_Fotor

The way the people of Cebu or just the people in the Philippines are so faithful is extremely beautiful to see.DSC_8126_Fotor

We finally walked into the actual basilica but not before being stopped to cover myself. I was wearing shorts and they handed me a scarf to cover myself. Just for reference take your own if you don’t want to wear the loner cover-ups.DSC_8131_Fotor

The basilica is the oldest church in the Philippines.DSC_8134_FotorDSC_8146_FotorDSC_8151_FotorDSC_8154_Fotor

After taking many pictures and just taking in the beauty we took a short walk to The Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. Ah, another beauty. The architecture in each one of these buildings is phenomenal. The architecture of the church is typical of Spanish colonial churches in the country with thick walls to withstand typhoons and other natural tribulations.DSC_8157_FotorDSC_8159_FotorDSC_8162_Fotor

When we got there we were fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of a Cebuano marriage ceremony.DSC_8168_FotorDSC_8166_Fotor

We didn’t want to be disrespectful so we took a few pictures inside and went back out. The church was gorgeous inside. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such beauty in a church and I’ve been to the missions in California. This was a different kind of beauty and you can just feel the faith that these people have it’s just so amazing to me.DSC_8174_Fotor

We walked across the street to the next stop the Cathedral Museum of Cebu. Most of the places we went to were only a small walk from each other conveniently enough.DSC_8175_Fotor

We paid a small fee of PHP 50, $1, and with the fee a tour guide shows you around which I feel is a steal!DSC_8176_FotorDSC_8179_Fotor

We were not allowed to take pictures of the inside but it was extremely interesting. The building was actually used as a priest house in the 19th century and the building itself has withstood natural elements, typhoons and it was spared from the ravages of World War II!DSC_8181_FotorDSC_8182_Fotor

The tour guide was very knowledgeable and super sweet. She even decided to do a photo-shoot of us, haha. She was the cutest!DSC_8194_FotorDSC_8196_FotorDSC_8199_Fotor

After talking to the tour guide and learning more we said our goodbyes and promised we would someday go back and take our moms to see this incredible place.

A little ways down the road we reached our next destination Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House. With another small fee of PHP 50 we made our way inside. The house is VERY old and when walking upstairs we certainly felt it.DSC_8216_FotorDSC_8203_Fotor

The house was built around the 17th century its design combines Spanish and Chinese architectural influences. The family that owns it now visits the grounds ever so often and takes care of the maintenance of the house.DSC_8204_FotorDSC_8206_Fotor

The house is filled with many nick nacks, pictures and religious art all through the years. Also, 50 million mosquitos in the 30-second span that I went to the backyard bit me; that was fun. Mosquito bites aside it was worth the trip!DSC_8209_FotorDSC_8224_FotorDSC_8243_Fotor

Our last stop was The Heritage of Cebu Monument. It was locked so we couldn’t go inside the gates but it was still an interesting monument and very beautiful. The sculptures are made of concrete, bronze, brass and steel and show scenes about events and structures related to the history of Cebu. The construction of the monument began in July 1997 and it was finished in December 2000.IMG_4844_FotorIMG_4845_FotorIMG_4850_FotorIMG_4851_Fotor

We were supposed to go to Casa Gorordo Museum unfortunately to it was closed. So we made out way back to Magellan’s cross to grab a taxi and made our way back to our hotel. The walk tour was so worth it and we got to experience Cebuano and Filipino faith while learning about the history. We actually got the idea of a walk tour after I came across this blog. It was what we followed through our tour to know where we were since we didn’t have any service.

I would definitely recommend the walk tour. I know Cebu streets seem a little sketchy but the only encounter that happened was with children begging. We just walked away from the situation. Trust me you’ll be ok and will be grateful that you got to do the tour and see all there is to the beautiful city of Cebu. Well we are almost at the end of our vacation and I’ve enjoyed every single post and I hope you all have too! Stay tuned for the last day of our trip! Thanks for tuning in everyone.

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