Cebu Day V: Temple Tour, Taoist Temple & Temple of Leah

I’ve been holding off on posting the last day of our trip but it’s time to let go, haha. On our last day in Cebu we really wanted to visit the Taoist Temple and The Temple of Leah. We met a driver the day before, since taxi’s can’t go up there, and were set to meet at 11am to head over to the Temples.

Our first stop was Taoist Temple! It is located in the Beverly Hills Subdivision of Cebu City, Philippines. Yes, there is a Beverly Hills in Cebu. Cebu’s substantial Chinese community built the temple in 1972.DSC_8246_FotorDSC_8248_FotorDSC_8250_Fotor

The temple is absolutely beautiful and had amazing views!DSC_8253_FotorDSC_8254_FotorDSC_8259_FotorDSC_8261_Fotor

There are dragons throughout the temple grounds!DSC_8279_FotorDSC_8270_FotorDSC_8263_FotorDSC_8271_FotorDSC_8272_Fotor

It took us about an hour to walk around the whole temple. There are people praying as well so please be mindful if you decide to visit.DSC_8273_FotorDSC_8280_Fotor

My favorite shot!DSC_8284_FotorDSC_8286_FotorMore dragons!DSC_8292_FotorDSC_8297_FotorDSC_8299_FotorDSC_8303_Fotor

We made our way back to car ready for the next stop; Sirao Garden: Little Amsterdam. The entrance was only PHP 30, 60 cents, worth it!DSC_8309_FotorDSC_8312_Fotor

The flowers were absolutely beautiful and it was fun seeing all the little details around the garden. Apparently it went viral back in 2016 with a picture from Instagram, which featured the beautiful Astilbe flower.DSC_8313_FotorDSC_8320_FotorDSC_8324_FotorDSC_8331_Fotor

Of course I had to take a picture with the clogs!DSC_8333_FotorDSC_8336_FotorOk but peep that highlight, haha!DSC_8339_Fotor

The views were insane! So much green!DSC_8348_FotorDSC_8365_Fotor

It was so so hot I actually could not handle it. We regretted not taking an umbrella to block the sun at least. They do sell water but you guys it was SO HOT! We decided we needed some air conditioner and went back to the car.DSC_8370_Fotor

Once in the car we headed to Tops Lookout, known for its beautiful views of Cebu. While we were going up the mountain to Top’s I realized why Taxi’s couldn’t go up there, the mountain was extremely steep and the car we were in sounded as if it was going to give out, haha. Talk about an adventure.DSC_8376_FotorDSC_8384_Fotor

There are private table areas and we saw a family with a grill and other stuff. Maybe when we go back we can grill and enjoy the daytime views and nighttime views.DSC_8385_FotorDSC_8387_Fotor

After a little rest and taking a million pictures we made our way to our last destination; The Temple of Leah. I could not wait to see this place! It is known as the Taj Mahal of Cebu because of its elaborate architecture.DSC_8451_FotorDSC_8450_Fotor

The Temple was built as a testament of a man’s life for his wife. The architecture makes references to Roman temples; it could be seen on the columns and other aspects in the Temple; absolutely beautiful.DSC_8397_Fotor

The construction started in 2012 after Leah, full name Leah Villa Albino-Adarna, died of cancer. After 5 years the Temple is not near completion. Our driver told us that Leah’s husband keeps adding to the design and that it will not be done until 2020, if he doesn’t add anymore.DSC_8398_FotorDSC_8399_FotorDSC_8408_Fotor

I told Danny that if this isn’t what he does for me when I die then we’re getting a divorce. Obviously I was kidding, but not really, he said he would try, haha.DSC_8415_FotorDSC_8422_Fotor

The Leah gold statue, amazing.DSC_8432_FotorDSC_8438_FotorDSC_8440_Fotor

We took a million more pictures made our way to the car and had some dinner before heading back home. Our last day in Cebu was so much fun and we experienced a different side of it.DSC_8452_Fotor

We had so much fun in Cebu and we are sad that our trip has come to an end. Cebu is a place where resorts are barely being built. There isn’t much tourism so go with an open mind. People who visit don’t mention that the streets sometimes look sketchy but I feel like that’s everywhere. I know when I went to Cancun if you stepped outside the resort area’s you were in a different world. But it wasn’t scary after just walking around. Keep an open mind when traveling and take advantage of the beauty that the city holds. I will be tagging our air bnb and where we booked our snorkeling tours. I hope you all enjoyed our vacation posts and I hope that you all imagined you were there with us. If you guys have any questions about Cebu please feel free to ask. Thanks for tuning in everyone!

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