Okinawa Oktoberfest

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a hot minute since our last post but I needed a little break from posting just to clear my mind. A little mind declutter, you know? Do you guys ever need one? Also, Danny was really busy with school and work and we just didnt really have time to adventure, sigh, that’s life for you. I did miss sharing our adventures with you all so I’m glad to be back! Also, we’re back to Okinawa posting, yay! Anyways, without further ado on to our adventure: Oktoberfest in Okinawa.DSC_9912_Fotor

I had never attended an Oktoberfest festival I was super excited that my first one would be in Okinawa! By the way this is only the third Oktoberfest they’ve had (from what I read on the hosts page so if I’m wrong please let me know)! There is very limited parking, please keep that in mind for the next Oktoberfest. The entrance was free and the big beer mugs were ¥2300 and the smaller ones were ¥1600. I didn’t think It was too bad though because filling them up was ¥2000 for the big one and ¥1000 for the smaller one.DSC_9856_Fotor

We ended up buying the big mug but we didn’t fill it up. Obviously I would die if I had to drink that whole thing by myself because 1. I’m a lightweight and 2. I HATE hot beer. Danny was driving so he couldn’t help me not even with a sip because there is absolutely no tolerance drinking and driving in Okinawa but there are no open container laws sooooooooo that’s cool, haha.DSC_9857_Fotor

Anyway, there were people dressed up in the Oktoberfest traditional way. There were beers from mainland Japan, local brewers, national beer (Orion) and beers from around the world. I just want to state that I got a flight of beers for ¥1200, a fresh pineapple smoothie with Jose Cruevo and I got pretty drunk, lightweight.DSC_9861_FotorDSC_9954_FotorDSC_9881_FotorThis guy assisting us with the lighting, haha.

It was a lot of fun and I didn’t know what to expect but I definitely had fun and enjoyed the live music and the good vibes from everyone. I know some of the pictures have some blur but I actually enjoy it because it shows the movement of the night, maybe I’m just weird (girl shrugging emoji).DSC_9902_FotorDSC_9967_FotorDSC_9970_Fotor

I know I know this was a fairly short post but I am getting back into the swing of things please bear with me! Anyway, thank you all for tuning in and stayed tuned for the next blog post, I promise it won’t take this long for the next one!DSC_9917_FotorDSC_9929_FotorDSC_9974_Fotor

Where have you all celebrated Oktoberfest!?

5 responses to “Okinawa Oktoberfest

  1. Oh looks like fun! We’ve not been to one for a few years now… preferring to drink ourselves “silly” at home… no need to find our way home… heheh


  2. Love the pics! I just went to my first Oktoberfest last week in Pomona; hope to go to Okinawa’s one day!

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    • It’s so much fun! I really enjoyed it. You have to come to the one here. Its so chill but also really fun since you get to try more Japanese beers than anything else.


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