Sefa-Utaki; The Most Sacred Place in Okinawa

Is anyone else thrown off by the holidays or is it just me? Hello everyone! I know I said I wouldn’t take long to post again and here I am. I’m still trying to find my inspiration to write because I don’t want to give you all a half assed post. I’m very slowly finding my inspirations so please bear with me. Also, our parents arrive next week and will be here for three and a half weeks. I’m not going to promise any posts soon since we will be SUPER busy showing them around. I will try my best though! On to the post!

After a year and half of being on island we still had not been to Sefa-Utaki! I mean we had visited Nanjo a few times before but never paid Sefa-Utaki a visit. I don’t know why we waited so long to see this beauty!DSC_9641_Fotor

There is a small entrance fee of ¥300 for adults and ¥150 for children! The parking lot is a walk from the entrance but it’s not too bad.DSC_9644_Fotor

Sefa-utaki, meaning, “purified place of Utaki,” is a historical sacred space, overlooking Kudaka Island. It served as one of the key locations of worship in the native religion of the Ryukyuan people. It also, appears in legends about the beginning of Ryukyu.DSC_9729_FotorDSC_9671_FotorDSC_9680_FotorDSC_9685_Fotor

There are six sanctuaries, “Ibi,” among them; Ufugui, Yuinchi and Sangui are the same as the names of the rooms in Shuri castle.DSC_9690_FotorDSC_9700_FotorDSC_9698_Fotor

It may not seem like much from the pictures but the rock formation is the most special. When walking under the rocks and just taking everything in a sense of peace comes over you. It feels as if the rock formation entrances you; its a really special place.DSC_9710_FotorPeep the highlight though, haha.DSC_9712_FotorDSC_9716_FotorDSC_9719_Fotor

Just a heads up! Wear the appropriate shoes, I wore converse and they weren’t bad at gripping the floor but I did slip a few times. It may be more slippery when it rains and in the winter months so be careful. There are a lot of mosquitoes since it is located inside a canopy of trees. Bug spray is a must! Also, please be mindful of your noise level people still come here to pray so be respectful!DSC_9731_Fotor

There are many little shops when heading back to the parking lot. They all only accept yen! Take enough yen for the entrance and for snacks! Try their mango ice cream its so good!!!DSC_9746_Fotor

We really enjoyed our trip to Sefa-Utaki it was something new for us to experience even though we’ve been to shrines Sefa-Utaki was different. Its definitely worth the trip down south, just a tip try to find something else to do since it is so far south! I hope you all enjoyed the post. Thanks for tuning in everyone and stay tuned for our next post!


-J.D Teg

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