A Tale of a Skinny Girl and Her Fitness Journey

I haven’t written in a while but I got an itch to write this week. One day I’ll have more consistent posts, I promise. But anyway, I got the itch to write because lately I’ve gotten a question that sometimes I don’t want to answer and that’s, “Why do you go to the gym if you’re already skinny/have a nice body?” A lot of people have asked me this lately and I  really wanted to write about it. I don’t want anyone to think I am specifically talking about them in this post. I get asked this question a lot and I just thought I’d share my personal story.

About five to six years ago I was at a very dark place. I was depressed because I was losing weight and it wouldn’t stop. I was a 20-year-old weighing 88 pounds, by the way I’m only 5’1 aka 61 inches. I went to the doctor for blood work almost once a week and saw a nutritionist who recommended I had to eat three times a day with snacks and ensures in between every meal. That didn’t help at all. I was still at 88 pounds and slowly going into 87 pounds. I was super unhappy with the way I looked; I was always at a healthy weight and had an athletic body so to me this was something I had never experienced before. I remember one day I went over my grandma’s house and my aunt saw me and she made a comment about me being too skinny and that I was starting to look like a skeleton. I remember I started crying and she was confused and I explained to her that skinny people also have body issues and that body issues don’t just choose people who are overweight. She apologized and we cried together.

A few days later, two of my friends randomly called me early in the morning saying they were in front of my house and to come out so we could go hiking. I was so mad because I was tired from working the night before and DID NOT want to go hiking but I couldn’t say no because they were already in front of my house. I got ready and we went hiking. I just remember how good I felt reaching the top of that mountain. When we got back down they told me that I should join them and go to the gym the next day. I told them that the last thing I needed was to go to the gym because I was so skinny and had to gain weight. They both told me that the gym isn’t necessarily somewhere to go to just to lose weight and that I could gain healthy muscle weight. I was still skeptical and just said ok fine.

The next day they signed me up for a membership and they worked me out like I had never worked out before. They pushed me to my limits while making sure I wasn’t losing posture or doing something to injure myself. Within the next two weeks I gained seven pounds, with the help of protein powder of course. It may not seem like much but to me it was everything! I was slowly reaching a healthy weight and feeling great doing it! At the end of month three I was happy with my body I grew a butt, some legs, I had muscles I never knew even existed and I wasn’t scared about my weight loss anymore. I was finally feeling like myself again and feeling happy about my body. Ever since that first workout I’ve never looked back and have held a steady weight of 103-107 pounds. I have never said thank you to my friends for changing my life so thank you Marcee and Brianna, you guys changed my life.

B&W AF.jpgThe whole point of this post was to tell people that skinny people also go to the gym not to lose weight. The reason why we go to the gym is because we feel good and we want to look good for ourselves! I work out because I feel strong and beautiful and because I know that I will never be that 88 pound depressed girl ever again. Now I am a confident woman who loves every inch of her body, little boobies, stretch marks and all. Thanks for reading my journey with my weight everyone. I know there are people out there who have been through the same thing or even people who may be going through it now, remember you are not alone. Please feel free to leave a comment and if you’ve ever been in my situation before. Don’t forget that you are all beautiful no matter your size!


-J. Teg

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